Do you have a teenage daughter? Or is she about to hit puberty? Don't sweat, don't feel awkward as many women do relate to such an issue where they have to give their daughters a pep talk but seldom shy away from the same. Here is a guide to help you start a conversation:

It Is Important To Have Many Small Conversations

Avoid big talk but then also be open to her when you talk. Don't be judgmental, instead, be open minded otherwise you might just push her away. Don't be accusatory with your questions!

Balance Between The Mother And The Friend In You

mother friend daughter

Agreed, it can be a tight pole walk, but it is an important line. Your daughter sure needs to be comfortable enough but she also needs guidance.

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Casually Work Stories About Your Teen Years Into Your Conversations

Let your girl know that you remember how hard it can be! Share a difficult memory or two, make her understand that before being her mother, you yourself were a teenager once.

Compliment Her Too

Let her know that you have noticed how things are changing in her and highlight the good. Boost her confidence with comments on how well she is doing in school, perhaps in certain extracurricular activities etc.. If she knows how highly you think of her, she’ll be more likely to share things that may not be going as well as she’d like.

Don't Force It

For some reason, some girls find it too difficult to have that mom and daughter talk, no matter how much she may need one. Don’t force it. Encourage her to reach out to other adults whom she trusts (so do you). Let her know that it is okay to do so and that your feelings won't be hurt.

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