Be it pimples or acne, no one likes these redheads popping on their face. Some people face the problem of breakouts more than others, because of a number of reasons. From skin type to hormones and food habits to weather conditions, several things contribute to your pimples. Know what pimples on different parts of your face mean, by reading till the end. 


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The T-Zone area on your face basically includes your forehead and nose. It is said that your nose is linked to your heart. Eating non-vegetarian food and spicy food can lead to nose acne. Reducing the intake of such foods can help in preventing breakouts on the area surrounding your nose. Nose is prone to dirt and gunk because of the number of pores on it. Make sure you keep your nose clean by regularly cleaning its pores and checking for blackheads. 

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Hairline acne can be caused by reaction of a hair product. Check your shampoo, conditioner or oil for allergies and see if you have any. Wearing hats or headbands can also cause hairline acne. The friction from the fabric can cause breakouts on the skin, which can turn painful, if not treated. 


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Out of other parts of your face, cheeks are the most touched part. Be it touching them with your hands or sticking a phone on them while calling someone, cheeks become a breeding ground for bacteria. If you experience cheek breakouts every now and then, it is better to check your habits. Avoid touching your face unnecessarily with your dirty hands. Remember to clean your makeup brushes often, as using unwashed makeup beauty blenders can also give rise to acne infections. If pimples worsen and start erupting more than before, it is better to consult a doctor. A dermatologist will best diagnose the problem behind your acne and will prescribe medicines, according to that. 

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Your forehead is basically connected to your digestive system. Eating fried and sugary food can lead to pimples popping on your forehead. In order to keep forehead pimples at bay, try ditching fatty foods for a while. Switching to a healthy diet will not not only end the eruption of acne, but will also make your face glow, more than before. Make sure you follow a proper skincare routine and keep your face squeaky clean. 

In Between Eyebrows

If you get your eyebrows waxed, there are high chances of acne emerging in between them. This is also an area which is prone to allergies. Lactose intolerant people often experience breakouts either between their eyebrows or around the temples. Try using face washes or anti-acne products with salicylic acid to treat pimples efficiently. 

Jawline And Chin

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Acne on jawline or chin are typically because of hormonal imbalance. You might see a pimple or two popping on your jawline a few days before your periods. Your body goes through a huge fluctuation of hormones during ovulation, which is why acne is quite common during those days. Make sure you drink enough water and eat green-leafy vegetables during your periods, to keep your skin healthy. 

Around The Mouth 

If you experience breakouts around your mouth, then you must check your toothpaste for sodium lauryl sulfate. If your toothpaste contains this compound, then it is time to change it. This is a whitening and cleaning compound which is useful for teeth but your skin might react differently to it. Switch to a fluoride-free toothpaste to avoid acne around the mouth. 

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Take optimum care of acne, if you wish to cure them quickly. Avoid picking on them, as it can result in rupturing them, which will leave a permanent spot on your face.

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