Meaning Of 'M' Line In Hands By Expert

Read on to know the meaning of 'M' line in your hand.

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Also known as palm reading, palmistry is the practice of telling fortune by just looking at the palms of a person. By looking at the palms, hand readers or palmists interpret the lines on the palms and tell you about yourself.

This is a widely spread practise and is quite popular all over the world. It is especially practised by Hindu Brahmins.


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Palmistry is said to give accurate information in astrology and according to this, the lines of our hands give indications of what will happen in our future. It is said that the lines are formed on a child’s palms during pregnancy itself. In these lines, the truth about the life of the child, from birth to death is hidden. Also, it is believed that till you reach the age of 16, the lines keep changing constantly.

Letter M On Palms

palms palmistry M on hands

Courageous: If the letter ‘M’ is formed on your hands, then it means that you have a lot of courage within you. These people are courageous and do challenging tasks.

Hard Work: They have to work quite hard in order to establish respect in society.

Successful: These people are highly independent and believe in making their own path in life. These people will be successful in whatever field they choose. They do not like walking on a path made by others, but such people live a good life by working hard. They are more likely to get success in life.

Married Life: On the other hand, their marriage life remains tense. Such people are likely to have a love marriage. They will have a good rapport with their spouse.

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Strong & Calm: These people are calm and gentle in nature. At the same time, they are always ahead in helping others. They can sense anything or any person in advance. This is why lies can’t be told in front of them. These people are quite strong and powerful. They might look weak on the outside but are quite strong on the inside.

Money: These people have a lot of money but they get that money after working hard. They don’t have much money till the age of 30 but they keep getting money from some work or the other.

Truthful: These people are always ready to help others and are truthful. They don't like to lie as well as don’t like people who lie to them. They can trust anyone easily which is why they are often victims of deception.

Qualities: These people have very good leadership qualities. They make good heroes and their good leadership qualities can get them a big political post.

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Creative: These people are quite creative and their imagining power is high. Therefore, they can become world-famous painters, and writers or can excel in the field of literature.

Can Accept Challenge: They usually don’t get distracted by any kind of change in life. These people easily accept every challenge that comes in life and also, succeeds by overcoming these challenges.

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