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Fragrant Indoor Plants That Will Make Your House Aromatic And Look Fantastic

Make your home fragrant the natural way by decorating your home with these houseplants.
fragrant house plant smell

When the house smells nice, you feel happier! A nice scent has some properties that can instantly relax and improve a person's mood. And if the smell is natural, it's even better, isn't it?

The fragrance of some houseplants are divine and mystical. They leave a scent that not only calms one, but can also impress several guests who visit your place. However, it is not just their fragrance that is impressive; the fact that they can also beautify your home is also notable when discussing these plants.  So  bring some lovely, fragrant plants home to feel fresher and wow yourself and everyone. Take a look at some beautiful houseplants with beautiful fragrance.


gardenia plant

Gardenia is the queen of fragrant houseplants, boasting one of the most beautiful scents. They give a rich, tropically fruity smell that defines the concept of tropical scent.

Also, gardenia is an ingredient in many popular perfumes, which is interesting to know. It has a lovely, subtle scent that can keep a home smelling fresh for months. 

To care for the plant, and keep it healthy, it’s important to keep exposing it to bright light on a regular basis and watering it once a week.


orchid plants

Orchid house plants offer a strong but pleasant fragrance that is pleasing to all.

Orchids are a popular houseplant for a reason: they're beautiful, smell great and much more. They're easy to maintain indoors and available in a variety of scents. Some have jasmine-like scents, while others are lemony or vanilla-like, but whichever you choose, your home will have a delightful perfume – provided you take adequate care of your plant.

Passion Flower

passion flower

If you prefer a mild fragrance, a passion flower plant is a good choice for you. The passion blossom looks like a star and looks very beautiful. Also, if you want your home to smell great all of the time without having to use a room freshener, passion flower is the perfect alternative. 

Along with this, instead of buying passion flowers from the market, you can also grow it at home. This plant, however, should be grown in a container as this plant can grow quickly.

Jasmine Plant

The jasmine flower can be used to enhance the beauty of a home while also making it smell nice. The plant can fill your home with aroma, and all it takes is a little care and attention. 

Summer and rainy season are the best times to grow this plant. A round pot is ideal to grow a jasmine plant.  Traditionally earthen pots are preferred for this plant.

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Rosemary Plant

Rosemary plant is one of the best options for a naturally fragrant house. These plants look like a needle but are a good choice for a house plant. The rosemary plant has a strong, minty scent. These plants are also often used in aromatherapy and all-natural cleaning agents.

Rosemary requires a lot of sunshine and a consistent watering schedule to keep its loamy soil wet without becoming waterlogged.


If you are looking for a houseplant  that doesn't have a fruity scent yet is aromatic, bring home a mint houseplant. They have a refreshing scent, and the added bonus is that the leaves can be added to dishes and drinks at any time to give tasty zing.

Apple mint, lemon mint, peppermint, and spearmint all emit some of the most delicate and wonderful scents.

This plant, however, necessitates a large amount of plant care, requiring three to four watering every week.

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Bring these fragrant beauties home to liven up your space in a natural way. Do tell us about your favourite house plant smell that brightens up your day by commenting on our Facebook or Instagram page.

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(Image source: freepik and amazon)


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