Smell is often called human’s most powerful sense and good(and bad) smells tell us a lot about the world: what we should eat, and even whom we should kiss. When it comes to our homes, if it smells nice, then feel great and if there’s foul smell then there a certain sense of uneasiness and displeasure.

They say that the actual smell of a clean house is no smell at all. But having no smell is next to impossible. Between kids, pets, cooking, and just everyday life you are bound to have some odour in your home. However, there are some smart and easy hacks to mask these smells without resorting to an artificial room freshener. 

So, here are some cheap and easy ways to keep your homes scented.

Add Essential Oils To Your Air Filter

scented air filter

Next time you want to make your home smell fresh, try putting some essential oils in to the air filter. This home-made aromatic air filter is an easy, inexpensive and safe way to keep your homes scented. You just need an air filter and some high quality essential oils. Essential oils produce therapeutic aromas that eliminate odours naturally and makes you feel good too. Lemon, lavender and clove are just a few scents that will keep your homes scented, apart from making you feel relaxed.

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Place Candles Strategically

scented candles

Candles are an obvious choice to make your house smell sweet but some clever placing can increase the efficiency. Place several candles in strategic places without lighting them. Try locating them near by curtains and linens which can absorb the scent.

Sprinkle Baking Soda On Carpet

Regular, old baking soda is a natural and safe way to keep homes scented and it costs next to nothing. To keep carpets smelling fresh, especially in high traffic areas like living room, sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit for 15 minutes. Vacuum as normal and enjoy the clean, odour free air.

Bring The Nature Indoors

scented indoor plants

Looking to add sweet scents and styles to your space? Fragrant indoor plants are a great way to bring nature indoors. They compliment your home decor, maintain the aesthetic value of your homes and deliver fragrant aromas. Indoor plants can replace the artificial air fresheners and clean your indoor air naturally. They can also reduce your stress by adding the sweet aromas to your homes. Jasmine, eucalyptus, orchids, and mint are some of the suggested indoor plants.

Spray Stinky Shoes With Dry Shampoo

The pile of shoes by the door might be contributing to the stink. Dry shampoo will also help to fix the smell in your sneakers. Spray the insides with a dry shampoo, let the formula absorb for a few hours and rub off the residue. Now your stinky shoes will be smelling roses (well, almost).