Immunity is something of prime importance for the entire world! Different concoctions and recipes are doing the rounds all over the internent and all of us are trying our best to go healthy. From checking out what ayurveda has to say or see remedies that our ancestors would suggest, it has been tough time since March 2020. So Shiv Sadhhika Ma Vishwaroopa, Astrologer and Numerologist has suggested how each zodiac sign can boost their immunity and what vulnerable health angle sgould they be working on. Scroll down to check what you sign must or must not do.


You can't help but be the most short-tempered of them all that deals with stress the most, which goes straight to your shoulders, chest and upper back. To make your immunity strong you should exercise will boost your immunity as well as manage your stress.


taurus immunity

Taurians are often known for their straightforwardness. They tell the harsh truth to your face which often lands them in trouble. To get the negative stress out of your system you need good probiotics and a dose of vitamin C to boost your immunity. Being sensitive to allergic reactions, you should follow a healthy and balanced diet.


Geminis are overly anxious which creates excessive pressure in their life for no reason. To calm your nerves down being healthy is your first resort. Having a sensitive digestive system you need to pay special attention to your gut health. Reduce your intake of gluten and tea. Morning walks would be great for you.


cancer immunity

Cancerians excel in suppressing emotions resulting from them in being overly active in the day to day life. Having an overly active lifestyle helps to relieve depression and anxiety but can cause pains and aches as well. To make your immunity strong you need to stop overloading your body and introduce rest in your lifestyle.


leo iimunity

Leos being the self-centered creatures they are they always end up overdoing everything which makes them suffer from lack of sleep. Having trouble sleeping can mess up their immune system to the core making them prone to diseases. To make their immunity stronger they should give it a rest and try to be less critical about themselves.


Virgo is famous to be a stress eater. Being conscious of yourself all the time can harm your mental and physical health. Obesity should be your biggest concern to have strong immunity. Find a fitness routine and stick to it with a few cheat meals.


Libras are the lucky ones. Their immunity is strong and it shows up on their skin and physique. Even if you don't try much you are blessed to have good immunity. To add to it you can introduce vitamins and greens to your diet.

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Scorpions are unlucky in the health department. They are most prone to illness. Being excessively focused on your career, you tend to ignore your health. To boost your immunity you need to prioritise your health. Make sure to get 8 hours of sleep combined with a healthy diet and an exercise routine.


Sagittarius are highly energetic which makes them restless all the time. Being on their feet all the time causes pain in the lower part of their body. Keeping a regular check on their knees and hips would be great for them. Do not involve in excessive cardio to save yourself from the near and tear of your body.


Capricorns are health freaks. Which is good for the health but being overthinkers they need to focus on their mental health as well. Putting your mind and thoughts to rest is a must for them. A restless mind can cause your immunity system to suffer. Try introducing meditation in your daily routine.


Aquarians suffer from stress and anxiety. Introducing an exercising routine is a must for their immunity. This will not only increase their immunity health but will also relieve their stress and anxiety. Have fresh fruits and vegetables will improve their health immensely.

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pisces immunity

Pisces is a very lucky sign! They do not believe in taking stress ever. Which keeps their mind and body healthy on their own. They rarely get sick. To keep rare in check they can introduce probiotics in your diet as a precaution.

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