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5 Women Share How Their Friends Impacted Their Life

These five real-life stories of friends turning into family are truly beautiful.
Published -07 Aug 2022, 10:34 ISTUpdated -07 Aug 2022, 10:34 IST
real life best friends stories

The gift of friendship is one that we all value. Friendships can make life a lot more fun, whether it's discussing a common enemy or being there for each other through thick and thin. It would be very difficult to explain friendship if someone asked because everyone has a different idea of what it is. Some people might say that their family members are their best friends, while others would refer to their furry buddies as their best friends.  This is because they have positively touched their life in some way.

Here are five true stories of friendship from five ladies who expressed their gratitude for the positive effects their friends had on their lives:

1. “I was away from home, going through a rough phase in a relationship, and because of that, I was slipping into depression when Riha Attassery entered my life like an angel. 

I had a hard time even getting out of bed, and the thought of going to college and doing my tasks seemed so far-fetched. But, my roommate Riha helped me escape that dark phase. She cooked me food and made sure I don’t sleep hungry, treated me with good food on completing assignments, and took me out of the flat for some change. She made sure I don’t feel lonely and I don’t miss my home. She was home for me in an unknown city. “  

- Namrata Ganguly, 26 years old

Namrata Ganguly friendship

2. “Due to the lockdown, work-from-home conditions were taking a toll on my mental health. Even after my office started functioning in a hybrid phase, I was not able to enjoy work. Within a few months, Tanya Srivastava joined my organisation, and literally, everything changed. I have found a friend in her and not just a colleague. She is like my soulmate! We do everything together, from munching between work to bitching about people. She has made a huge impact on my life and my work enthusiasm. I love coming to the office now, and the credit goes only and only to her.”

- Navya Kharbanda, 22 years old

women friendship story

3. “Meeting my husband-cum-best friend is the best thing that happened to me. He influenced me to become a better version of myself by helping me in achieving those goals that I had no genuine interest in finding. His vision and unending support helped me manage both my personal and professional lives. Even now, whenever things get tough at the office, I just give him a call and he makes everything seem easier.  I got lucky to get a best friend in my husband!”

- Chanchal Sengar, 30 years old

chanchal sengar friendship

4. “In the eleventh grade, I had a lot going on at home, which had a bad impact on my test scores. Due to this, I began to receive public scolding and insults from my teachers. But my teacher's behaviour offended my friend Tapsi more than it offended me. She understood me and encouraged me academically. On the days I couldn't complete my homework, she used to scold me first but then helped me finish them up. When I couldn't study because of problems, she even helped me cheat from her answer sheet in-class tests. She made it possible for me to finish high school and convince my teachers that I am capable enough. Tapsi made me survive high school and I can’t be thankful enough to have her in my life.”

- Aadhya Singh, 22 years old

girls friendship stories

5. “This happened in college, right after I moved to a new city. I was living with two strangers, and one fine day I fell sick and was burning with fever. I was scared that how would I manage the situation now. But then those two strangers came to my room and as soon as they realised that I was too sick to even move, they had layers of blankets to keep me warm. They then took me to their room, made me sleep on their bed, served me hot soup, kept putting a damp towel over my face to cool me off, and didn't forget to check on me periodically throughout the night. This went on for three days

That was the day I realised I can have a family of friends away from home and they would be like pillars of my life. Thank you Komal and Ritu. No words are enough to describe the bond we shared during our hostel days.”

- Shivangani Singh, 23 years old

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