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New Girl, Big City: A Guide To Adulting In 5 Easy Steps

A guide for the girls who just shifted to a new city for their big career dreams.
  • Namrata Ganguly
  • Editorial
Published -01 Aug 2022, 14:10 ISTUpdated -01 Aug 2022, 14:34 IST
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If there was a word that I could call my own, it would be ‘hiraeth’. It is a Welsh word that means deep longing for something, especially one's home. I'm reminded of this word every time I shift to a new city for higher studies or different jobs. 

With more and better opportunities in metro cities, people, especially women, need to get out of their hometowns and move to faraway cities to pursue their career dreams. They have to travel across the country for their jobs and education. But in a country like India, the safety of women is the first thing that comes to mind and is of primary concern no matter where they may go.  There are a few other things as well that you need to adapt to in the new city to make it feel like home. 

Here are a few things to take note of when you are a girl in a new city like me. 

solo date

Pepper Spray Is Your Best Friend

Safety is the first priority for a girl everywhere and especially in a new city. Carrying a pepper spray or a deodorant is a must. Also, let your friends and family know about your whereabouts. Send them the details of the transportation you take especially when it is late at night and try to be on a call with a reliable person at the time if needed. Don’t forget to keep your phone charged when you are out by yourself. 

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Know their culture 

Try to understand your neighbours and your surroundings to learn the culture of the new city you are in. When you are trying to adapt to a new city, it is easier when you understand the society and their culture. To look for similarities and differences between their festivals, food habits, perspectives might help you survive and celebrate together in a new city.  

All that glitters is not gold cab

The metro cities or big cities are usually shinier than smaller towns with their nightlife, fancy places, and other attractions. While one should explore all of it, you need to be very careful to not lose your focus among all the distractions. Also, while one should be welcoming to strangers to make new friends in a new city, remember, not everyone is your friend. 

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Must Visit Flea Markets

You cannot miss exploring the flea markets in your new city.  Bargain for those trendy yet inexpensive clothes and earrings and little home decor to make your house feel a little more like home. Try places like New Market or Gariahat when you are in Kolkata, or Sarojini and Banjara Market when you are in Delhi, or Colaba Causeway when in Mumbai, or MG Road when in Bengaluru, among others. Don’t miss out on the street foods in these areas. 

Solo Date/Outing Are Best Therapies

Once you start going on solo dates or outings to explore the new city, you will know how therapeutic it can be. Make new friends and hang out with them often, but, sometimes take some time out and go on solo trips in or around the city. There are new activities coming up in every nook and corner of these cities. You can try learning bike riding, skating and several other things on offer. 

Go exploring! Keep your focus right and give safety the first priority. And at the end of a bad day, buy yourself a little flower and have some good food to pamper yourself!

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