Baby wipes are soft, good for the skin, and effective in cleaning at the same time! But do you know how useful they are besides makeup removal? They have more than 10 uses which is why you can buy big packs as well. Take a look at what all these baby wipes can do for you. 

Cleaning Dog Paws


If it is safe on your baby's butt, it is safe anywhere! This includes your pet's paw pad as well! 

Restaurant Tables


A baby wipe is great for cleaning those coffee stains, crumbs here and there.

Cleaning Cane Furniture

This one is a tried and tested tip which worked wonders. It cleans the crevices as well of the furniture without ruining the material.

Cleaning Baby Hair

No, it is not for switching with shampoos it is for getting rid of the food and sauces babies tend to stick in their hair. Wipes come in very handy in the situation.

Stain Removal

If you have the tendency of spilling food on your clothes then always keep a pack of wipes with you. You can immediately clean with a wipe and thanks to them, the stain will not set in. 

Dashboard Cleaning

When you are driving, sometimes you just happen to spot that the dashboard is dirty. All you have to do is take out that baby wipe and clean it up. It gets rid of what a duster can't do and it is hygienic as well. 

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Fresh Herbs

herbs fresh

Herbs go limp and dry down very fast and what we need is a game-changer. This is when the wipes step in. Put the herbs on the wipe and keep them in a plastic zip-lock. This will keep the herbs fresh for a longer time. 

Plant Cleaning

Watering your plant is not enough! Imagine you have people coming over and they see the dust on the leaves of your plant. So keep cleaning them with a wet wipe instead of just dusting them as that does not clean the surface properly. They look, fresh and clean.


If all else fails in the heat and humid then instead of searching for water to wet your handkerchief, you simply have to take out the wipe and put it on your face. Rub it down your arms and leg and you are bound to feel refreshed.

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Car Fragrance

You do not need the essential oil and diffuser for a good fragrance in the car. Just put a drop or two of the oil on your wet wipe and hang the wipe on your air vent. 

Static Hair

This hack is very useful. If you have static hair, just swipe the wipe on your hair in a slow movement. This takes care of the static in no time. 

Use those baby wipes to the fullest and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such hacks.