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    Dia Mirza Speaks Up About Sexism In The Society

    Bollywood actress Dia Mirza spoke about how the film industry was highly sexist and how things are changing for good now.
    Updated at - 2021-05-10,21:21 IST
    dia mirza sexism m

    Sexism is basically discrimination based on gender. The term is linked to certain stereotypes and gender roles and is majorly of the belief that women and girls are not made for certain things or can’t do a particular set of things that men can do. It may also establish the feeling that one gender (mostly the males) is better and greater than the other.

    And believe it or not, our entire society is fuelled with such thoughts and is completely sexist. From long ago our life as a woman was only about obeying our father's, husbands’ orders and serving them as they please. Due to the rampant sexism, women were a suppressed section of society and did not get a lot of chances.

    The women of today are strong, they have the power to stand up and they know their rights. Dia Mirza in an interview with The Brut also spoke up about sexual discrimination and suppression of women in society, let us see what she said.

    Dia Mirza On Sexism In Bollywood

    dia mirza sexism

    Dia Mirza was just 19 when she started working in the films. Her initial movies were not that big a hit and did not do well on the box office too. And post that she was subjected to a lot of negativity and bad comments. The film critics in the media would write and publish anything and the artists wouldn’t even have a platform to express their disagreement.

    dia mirza sexism

    Dia said in a video by the Brut that she was being linked to the directors, producers, and co-actors unnecessarily without any proof in the early phases of her film career. And she couldn’t even stand up and clarify. All the negativity had to be processed in the walls of her home, which was discouraging and demeaning because it was not exactly like that for the male counterparts. They were also linked to actresses but that, for the people, wasn’t so bad as an actress being linked with several men.

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    Dia And Her Movies

    dia mirza sexism

    Dia also mentioned in the interview to the news portal, that it has been 7- 8 years since the condition of women in society as a whole has improved and the advent of social media has also helped in it.

    She said that her movies also had sexism in them, “People were writing, thinking and making sexist cinema and I was a part of these stories” Dia told the Brut.

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    She further explained the sexism in society and Bollywood by citing examples that at the time she entered the industry, only a man was supposed to be a makeup artist. Being a hairdresser similarly, was always a woman's job.  To this, she also added that an entire film crew consisting of 120-180 people hardly had 5-6 women in it. The gender representation in the films was so skewed. 

    dia mirza sexism

    On the concluding note, she mentioned that we are a patriarchal society and an industry that is largely led by men. But things are changing and there definitely is a better understanding of patriarchy and sexism amongst people now. Those who earlier were unaware of the fact that they were being sexist, have now started understanding and opposing these things. The improved advocacy of these matters is highly responsible for the better condition and it must thus continue.

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