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5 Ultimate Decor Themes For Your Mehendi Function

Looking for a theme for your Mehendi? Here are 5 ultimate themes to have a great Mehendi celebration! 
Published -03 Feb 2022, 14:11 ISTUpdated -03 Feb 2022, 14:21 IST
decor themes for mehendi function

Weddings have been a huge industry and have had an estimated value of about $50 billion according to a report by KPMG, making it the biggest contributor to the travel and hospitality industries in the year 2021. 

With weddings being a huge event in Indian society, many brides-to-be and grooms-to-be have dreams of having a fun and grand event when put into action. Mehendi is the most fun event of all, people have started to bring themes into play to make the events as grand as they possibly could ever get. 

There is so much more to a theme than just decorations if you look closely. Planning a wedding function is surely a task, but it is definitely worth the money and effort when it all falls right down to the minimal aspects on the day of the events with all your loved ones enjoying the feels and vibes of all of it with you and your significant other, making it a memorable day for you! 

Are you also looking for a stunning theme to go for your Mehendi function? We have 5 ultimate themes to help you decide on your dream event highlight and make it a success and a day to remember for the rest of your lives! 

Beach Vibes 

A beach is truly the best place to be and having your Mehendi function at the shore of the beach is definitely an exceptional choice to go for. 

You can most definitely go for a beach Mehendi function with all the feels of being just at the beach shore with the decorations and the wind blowing intact. 

To add to the occasion, you can have a customized bar having all the refreshing drinks like summer coolers and margaritas by the names of your own loved ones, making it a designated bar menu for your own wedding. 

For the decor, you can let it be as swiftly as possible, letting the wind and the sun keep up the spirits of the event with a booming DJ or a live music band at the center stage. 

Speaking of a beach Mehendi function, you can also go in for pastel colours like baby pink and sea blue which will keep the vibe of the function super fun. 

With the beach just about 10-15 steps away from the venue, you can always let your family and friends jump in for a quick dive.

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Moroccan Theme

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The Moroccan theme is a much more sophisticated theme as compared to the beach theme. With the beach theme, you have the freedom to add your own type of wedding dress while with the Moroccan style, there is a type you have to go for. 

The Moroccan-themed weddings have their furniture and decorations brought in from a vintage antique store or can be customized to your own designs too! 

A Moroccan-themed wedding has a center stage and is generally surrounded with people seated across the couple on sets of tables of 4-6 people each. 

There also is a classic flower decoration and has a ceiling of fabricated clothing that enhances the features of the venue you may choose. 

Desi Feels 

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Desi is what Indians love! For people who love places like Chandani Chownk in Delhi 06, this is an ideal wedding theme for you! 

You can have customized cardboard settings for your bar counters as well as every small stall you put up in the Mehendi function like the Gol Gappa guy from Gk1 or the famous Galouti Kebabs from Lucknow! 

We urge you to have the locally popular drink, Banta at your wedding festivities. You can also mix and match it with your mixologist to create your very own cocktail special for the night! 

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Gharchola Theme

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The gharchola theme has been a pretty popular theme, unintentionally for many people out there. It has a fancy fabric and embellishment setting on the ceiling as you look above. 

You can also add a tremendous amount of flowers while there has been a popular choice for flower-made statues like the elephant or Ganesha at the entrances of the venue. 

With this theme, you can add a stall of bangles or handbags for your loved ones to come and collect. These bangles or handbags can be presented as a token of love as well as something to remember you and your wedding by. 

Rain Dance

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Who doesn’t love a pool party? Well, we most certainly do! 

You can have a rain dance or a pool-themed Mehendi function and let everybody soak wet. While many of us have many plans for a Mehendi, some girls have dreamt of having a Holi festival throughout their lives and this is the sign for you to do it right. 

You can have an area with a pool and also have a dry area for the people who don’t wish to get wet all along. 

Placing the food stalls in the non-water zone, let the Holi continue. With this theme, you will have to be careful about people not passing out in the pool as it may be dangerous though! 

Did you find the perfect theme for your wedding? Connect with us over Instagram and let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more trends and tips!

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