Here Are Some Common Traits Of Pisces By Our Tarot Card Reader; Jeevika Sharma

Is it you or your zodiac character traits? Read to know more!

Jeevika Sharma
traits of a Pisces by our Tarot Card reader, Jeevika Sharma

Are you a Pisces? Is it you or your zodiac sign to blame for your certain characteristics? Here are some common traits of a Pisces by our Tarot Card reader, Jeevika Sharma!

Pisces by nature are lethargic


1. Pisces by nature are lethargic. They wish for a comfortable and lavish life but, without putting in much effort. For them every day should be a vacation.

2. They love to experience a lot of new things in their life. They try to gain a better understanding of things to rid themselves of all hurdles which might come.

3. They are emotional as well. They empathise with all the people around them. They have a little higher emotional intelligence.

4. They live with dual personalities. One side tells them to be caring, emotional and socialising whereas, on the other hand they can be extremely self centred, aggressive and antisocial. It depends on their mood which side one would see.

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5. They deeply care for their family and their loved ones. They try to be bossy or dominating with their family members.

Pisces are stubborn in nature

6. In a relationship, they could only be loyal if they have a dominating partner. Otherwise, pisces could be disloyal.

7. Pisces are stubborn in nature, be it professional life or personal life. If they have decided on something they will accomplish it no matter what may come their way.

8. A pisces would hardly ever realise their mistake. Even if they realise it, they would hardly ever accept it. This could make them repeat the mistakes again and live a disturbing life.

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9. They can be very good friends. They support their friends and care for them. They even lend guidance to their friends. They can easily differentiate who is their real and fake friend.

10. Pisces have the tendency to overthink. This habit often leaves them anxious which increasesstress problems. Hence making them more prone to depression.

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