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Bachchans To Ambanis To Khans: Check Out Rare Childhood Pictures Of Celebrities

To make your day extra special, we bring you childhood pictures of your fav Bollywood celebs! Check them out here.
Published - 14 Nov 2019, 13:46 ISTUpdated - 25 Jan 2020, 13:48 IST
celebrities rare childhood pictures m

Our childhood will always be the most memorable time of our life. We have all been very naughty and had some of the most embarrassing pictures from our teenage days. So, to make your day extra special, we bring you some of the most adorable (and embarrassing) pictures of Bollywood celebrities. What's more? We will also reveal their mischevious habits!

Shah Rukh Khan

celebrities rare childhood pictures shah rukh khan

Shah Ruh Khan was a very mischievous kid. He was very fond of comics and in fact, in an interview, the actor himself revealed that he used to borrow money from his friends and family to buy comics. “I don’t know whether kids do it today, but please don’t ban me from saying this. When we used to live in flats, two bad things that I used to do was firstly ring the other person’s bell and run away.”

“The second thing we used to do was explode people’s letter-boxes by keeping crackers in it. I remember, we used to live on the third floor and there used to be a girl on the fourth floor, whom everybody used to like. So once I exploded her letter-box as well, ” he added.

1Abhishek Bachchan & Shweta Bachchan

celebrities rare childhood pictures abhishek bachchan

Abhishek and Shweta appeared together on Koffee With Karan last year where they talked about their parents. Karan asked Shweta to reveal a secret about Abhishek and she said that he used to suck his thumb as a kid and also wet his bed. 

2Salman Khan

celebrities rare childhood pictures salman khan

Would you have thought that this kid would grow up to be "Dabaang" actor?

3Anushka Sharma

celebrities rare childhood pictures anushka sharma

One of the cutest child artists is today one of the hottest on-screen stars!

4Ranveer Singh

celebrities rare childhood pictures ranveer singh

Ranveer Singh has carved a niche for himself in the industry is known for his acting prowess and his fun and energetic personality. In this snap too, we can see baby Ranveer with full of energy!

5Deepika Padukone

celebrities rare childhood pictures deepika ambani

Who would have thought this little girl would win a beauty pageant, become an actress and also an international acteress! 

6The Kapoors

celebrities rare childhood pictures rishi kapoor

Ahead of the Children's day, Rishi Kapoor treated his fans by sharing this throwback picture where he can be seen sipping cola along with his friends. The picture also shows Boney Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Tutu Sharma, Aditya Kapoor, and Anil Kapoor and it is too difficult to guess who is who. 

7Katrina Kaif

celebrities rare childhood pictures katrina kaif

Even back then, she used to be so cute!

8Shahid Kapoor

celebrities rare childhood pictures shahid kapoor

Even back then, this chocolate boy can impress ladies!

9Ranbir Kapoor

celebrities rare childhood pictures ranbir kapoor

How can someone look so innocent! 

10Hrithik Roshan

celebrities rare childhood pictures hritikh

This Adonis of Indian cinema was once a 'awww-dorable' kid!

11Sara Ali Khan

celebrities rare childhood pictures sara ali khan

In this picture, we can see Sara posing with dad Saif Ali Khan, mother Amrita Singh and brother Ibrahim Ali Khan for a perfect family photo!

12Siddharth Malhotra

celebrities rare childhood pictures siddharth malhotra

During an interaction with a media portal, Siddharth revealed how he used to borrow money from his grandmaa. He said, "I remember an incident from my childhood. I used to charm and butter up my dadi, so I could get `50 from her. I used to spend that money on hot chocolate fudge sundae, at an ice-cream parlour in Delhi. My dadi could make me do anything in return for that `50. From mowing the lawn to getting her essentials from the market and even sitting through a puja, she could make me do anything!"

13Shanaya Kapoor

celebrities rare childhood pictures shanaya kapoor

Although this star kid is yet to make her debut in Bollywood but she had garnered several compliments for her cute looks!    

14"THE Ambanis"

celebrities rare childhood pictures ambani

"A happy family is but an earlier heaven", rightly said by George Bernard Shaw and here's a proof of the same. In this snap, Ambanis can be seen posing for the perfect family photo.