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Bars In Goa Will Offer The 'Angel Shot’, A Code Word To Ensure Women's Safety

Several popular bars in Goa have implemented the ‘Angel Shot’ concept to ensure a safer nightlife for women who might feel unsafe.
Published -27 Sep 2022, 19:12 ISTUpdated -27 Sep 2022, 19:21 IST
goa bar women safety angel code

In a move to encourage safer nightlife in Goa, several popular bars in the city are now offering ‘secret codes’. These codes can be used by women in uncomfortable situations.

They just have to ask for an angel shot at the bar. This will secretly let their bartender know that they are not feeling safe or they are feeling uncomfortable or that their date isn’t working out. 

What Is The 'Angel Shot' Concept

angel shot concept

'Angel Shot' is a really popular western concept. Behind the implementation of this concept in Goa is Priyansha Mishra, a former product manager at Microsoft. 

One night, she went to a  bar in Anjuna and saw a poster for a code-word shot. This generated an instant feeling of safety in her and she realised that these little things can make women feel so much safer and help them get out of uncomfortable situations. 

She then read more about the concept of ‘Angel Shot’ and realised that this doesn't exist in India.

After that, she decided to connect with local entrepreneurs to try and spread the word about this concept.

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How The 'Angel Shot' Concept Works

Mishra explains that the bars that sign up for this initiative will be training their bartenders on bystander intervention and appoint some designated staff to assist women. They will introduce a codeword shot. 

The code words will not be revealed as it defeats the purpose of the initiative.

Ten hand-picked bars will put up posters in women’s washrooms with the code word and other instructions.

Mishra said, “The training is to help the bar staff to understand the right way to intervene when a woman in the space is feeling uncomfortable or unsafe”, TOI reported.

Anyone in these bars and restaurants can approach the staff asking for special drink orders and this will alert the staff that guests are not feeling comfortable and need assistance.

The secret concept with a code for "I need help" or "I need to get out of this situation” can be really helpful for women as it will encourage a safer nightlife. Women can use it to let the bartender know that their date or another guest’s behaviour is making them feel unsafe. Following this, they will immediately get assistance.

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