A healthy relationship is not only about rainbow and butterflies- it is much more than that. It requires efforts, communication, loyalty, respect, honesty and plenty of other things. So, if you are looking for a serious relationship or don't want to ruin your chances with a special one, then avoid keeping secrets, holding grudges and living in your fantasy world. These actions can even wreck a great relationship!

Keeping Secrets

It could be past relationships, family situation, finance-related matter, anything. Hiding things from your partner can break their trust and you two will start having fights frequently. It can also raise insecurities and mislead your partner.

Cutting Off Communication

actions that can ruin your relationship inside one

If you are habituated to giving someone the silent treatment because you don’t want fights to erupt, it could make your partner feel lonely. Not only it will increase your anger, but it’ll also not resolve any of your fights. This will also make your partner feel worthless and unappreciated.


No one wants to feel like they’re dating their mom and on the other side, no one wants to behave like a parent with their partner. So, it is better that you stop nagging your partner. No matter how many times you’ve asked him to throw away the trash, just don’t yell at him. 

Wanting It Like The Movies

actions that can ruin your relationship inside three

Ladies, it’s time to step out of your movie world and face reality. If you want a happily-ever-after then you need to work really hard for it. Stop forming illusions on how a man should treat you or pamper you, instead start adorning him.

Talking Ill Of Your Partner

This is one of the biggest relationship killer. If you had a fight or unhappy about something, then it’s best to sort it out between yourselves only, rather than talking ill behind your partner. People often do this to gain sympathy which causes a huge impact on their relationships.

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Bringing In Old Grudges

actions that can ruin your relationship inside two

This thing happens when you both are arguing about one matter, and suddenly one brings up an old topic and starts fighting about it. It will create a huge impact on your relationship, and can even lead to breakup. So, let the past, stay in past and move on.

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Trying To Change Each Other

If you can’t accept each other the way you are, their flaws and all, then maybe you aren’t right for each other. Accept your partner’s flaws, don’t force them to change as this will not only drive them away but will prevent both of you from looking at the relationship as a long-lasting one.

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