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Unravel Your Ethnic Side With These Different Nose Pins

From simple to quirky to small size and large, there is something for everyone in the nose piercings world! 
Published -07 Aug 2018, 13:40 ISTUpdated -15 Jul 2019, 18:45 IST
Nose Pins

Love nose rings and studs? There is something for everyone in the market whether you a pierced nose or not, you like simple studs or those big statement nose pins or rings and even septums nowadays. Here are some types of nose piercings that will give you an idea as to what all is available in the market. 

Nose rings have also symbolised a person’s wealth. In some of Africa’s tribe, nose rings are a reflection of an individual’s wealth and it was believed that the larger the nose rings, the wealthier and the more prominent an individual is. In India, women generally get their nose pierced before their wedding.

If you have plans of wearing nose rings, here are a few trending nose pin styles that you could explore: 

Unconventional Shapes

If you like nose pins/clipons which are a bit different, not just studded, are in shapes of signs, deities you like, flowers in a different depiction, buy them online at Jaypore, Mohabygeetanjali, Quirksmith, Aadyaa, Macs Jewelery, Bybenaazir.


nose pin material

Image Courtesy instagram.com/urbankala_art_of_gifting

Pure silver, germal silver, steel, brass, gold, and rose gold are some of the bases you get your nose pins. However you have to test it out unless you know what suits your skin. Many times we are stuck with just pure gold thanks yo the sensitive skin or at max push our noses to silver options but steel can give you fungus. 

There are several options if you want just gold, and diamond like velvetcase and caratlane.

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Besides diamonds which every nose pin wearing girl should possess for occasions like weddings –perhaps one show off stud is a must at times – you could invest in precious and semi precious stones.

stone nose pin

Image Courtesy instagram.com/rajatamaya

Ranging from a mother of pearl to a beautiful amethyst, a lively coral to a simple pearl, a turquoise or a brilliant blue lapiz lazuli, there are a number of options you can buy from. You can also get a nose pin in meenakari work which is a major trend these days. Get these at Itokri, Jumkey, Tjori or Jangadi.


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A post shared by Daniela Paz (@daniela_paz_danza) onDec 28, 2017 at 10:00am PST

Although not every one can carry these off, but how will you know till you haven't tried one? Ranging from different shapes and sizes, there is something for the simplest or the quirkiest individual. Buy one at Silberuh, macs jewelry and Aadyaa. 

Brahmani Nose Ring or the Marathi-Style Nose Rings

Marathi nose pin Shefali Shah

Image Courtesy instagram.com/shefalishahofficial

This is not your conventional, fashion nose pin as it plays an important role in an Indian bride's wedding. It is a typically Maharashtrian-style design found mainly in the Marathi families. You get these in pearls, ruby or jade. If you would like to get one for yourself, shop at online website That1too.

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