The Bittersweet Emotion Of Watching Your Child Step Into Adulthood

On HerVoice, Dr Shivangi Dikshit writes about the bitter sweet emotion of seeing her child step into adulthood.

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story of a kid stepping into adulthood

Clutch, gear one and slowly accelerate….my son gave me a cursory glance and then did exactly as he was told. My breath hitched for a moment, as I stared hawk-eyed onto the road, sending a silent prayer up into heaven for a safe drive.

This was my son’s second driving lesson. I had asked my husband to do the honours for the first as I did not have the courage to stomach the fact that my tiny little angel had turned old enough to start driving.

A stickler for rules that we are, we had made it abundantly clear to our son that he would not be allowed to sit behind the steering wheel until he came of age. Thankfully, the ever-understanding child that he is, he never contradicted us in this matter. Of course, like any young boy, he was often tempted but fortunately enough, never succumbed to the temptation.

Once he turned eighteen, he insisted that he be allowed to drive, and we complied without a moment’s delay. The first driving lesson was a breeze as my husband told me, “Youngsters are usually naturals. For them driving is no mean task.” The same went for our son as well. He sat behind the wheel and gracefully manoeuvred the empty roads in the wee hours of the morning that very first day.

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Next was my turn to tag along with him. The moment I got in beside him in the passenger seat, my heart bubbled up with an assortment of emotions ranging from affection, marvel, pride, joy and dare I say fear, anxiety, and stress too! After all, even though for the entire world he is an adult now, but for a parent, I don’t think a child ever grows up. However, once he took to the road, I was assured that all my fears were unconfounded. It was like sitting alongside a decent driver if not yet a seasoned one. He drove carefully, using indicators when required, slowing down appropriately and pretty much to my satisfaction, quite smoothly. To my happiness, we returned home that day, completely intact!

Dr. Shivangi Dikshit

Since then, we have gone on a couple of driving sessions together and every time I toss the car keys at him and he catches it, my heart skips a beat! It swells with happiness and pride as he drives me around town. Of course, we had his learner’s licence made and he’s on his way to procuring a permanent licence. Until then he isn’t allowed to drive unaccompanied, but these short in-town drives with him tug at my heart and make me dizzy with joy.

Here's praying for the safety of him, his fellow passengers and the others who pass him on the road. May driving always stay a pleasurable activity for our young man!

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