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    Woman Entrepreneur: When Women Push Each Other Up, Miracles Happen!

    The footwear designed by her brands has been worn by a lot of celebs including Sonakshi Sinha, Swara Bhaskar. Neha Sahu, founder at The Haelli is one ...
    Updated at - 2019-07-26,21:15 IST
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    Neha Sahu is an artiste based in Gurugram. She is a graduate in engineering. Now the founder of her label The Haelli, she was earlier an Assistant Professor for over 5 years.

    Her urge to play with bright colours and to always get captivated by artistic frameworks never ended. Neha wanted to make wearing Juttis fun for everyone. She started by painting a pair for herself, which then extended to family and friends. The Haelli, as derived from Helli - traditional homes in the villages of Haryana, symbolises cultural heritage. It fulfils the contemporary fashion needs but at the same time stays connected to its roots. 

    The juttis designed by the brand have been worn by many celebs including Sonakshi Sinha and Swara Bhaskar.

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    HerZindagi got talking to Neha to know more about her and the brand which is well known among celebs and here is what she shared.

    What Made You Change Your Field Of Work?

    While working for my 9-5 job I realised it was not my cup of tea. Along with that I also started working for my brand and was very sceptical to leave the job but soon after launching Haelli, we gained popularity, started receiving an overwhelming response, it motivated me and pushed me to pursue what I enjoy doing the most. And I consider it to be one of the best decisions I ever made. 

    With So Many Brands Coming Up Offering Juttis In Variety, What Makes The Haelli Stand Out?

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    Our concept of hand painting and customising the Juttis, which is first ever throughout India, makes us unique and different. We made a strong statement through our quirky designs like a panda, unicorn, penguin and also introduced some fun slogans calligraphed beautifully on the juttis like kudi pataka, teekhi mirchi, dekho magar pyaar se. What makes us unique is you can wear a piece of art and also have the liberty to add a personal touch.

    Being A Woman Entreprenuer Are Things The Sam In Dealings Or You Do Face Issues From Workers etc?

    Things are certainly changing now, luckily haven’t really faced any difficulties. I have a huge team of majorly women around me, also I’ve been working with a great team of artisans. I believe when you have a stronghold of what you want and how you want to get it done, people around you sense your energy and look past your gender. 

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    How Would You Trace Your Professional Journey Till Date?

    We have come a long way. Starting off with a very unusual idea and a lot of speculations about its acceptance in the market to marking a huge presence in the footwear market. Now we have an excellent customer base and often get styling requests from the celebrities. From exhibitions to gifting purposes, now we serve it all.

    Neha's Message To The Women Today

    I feel blessed to be born as a woman. Although we might have to take tough routes at some points in our lives but the amount of courage we have, love that we hold in our hearts and strong willed mind. Nothing compares to that. So never stop believing in yourself, never let anyone tell you it can’t be done. When women push each other up, miracles happen.

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