The way we look on the outside says a lot about our internal health. When our body and mind are healthy, it all reflects on our skin, hair and body. We have clear, glowing skin, thick and shiny hair and a healthy body.

On the other hand, health issues, dietary deficiencies and mental stress lead to issues like dark circles, acne, dandruff, hair loss, cellulite, pigmentation. 

Beauty and wellness expert, Shahnaz Husain shared that nature has the best remedies for a healthy body and mind. 

Diet Plan For Winter Season

The expert shared that mother nature gives different fruits and vegetables every season and these should be consumed for a healthy body and mind. 

Vitamin C

Viamin C should be consumed throughout the winter season as it helps strengthen the immune system and protects the body from cold and cough. Oranges and sweet lime or mosambi are available in abundance during the winter season and they are loaded with vitamin C. 

Green leafy veggies like palak, methi, sarson ka saag are not only rich in vitamin C but other minerals too which are great for your health. They should be consumed everyday. 

Amla or Indian gooseberry is easily available during winter season. It is one of the best sources of vitamin C. Drinking amla juice everyday, diluted with water is great for health. 

Vitamin A

shahnaz husain winter diet

During the winter season, our body also needs vitamin A. There are plenty of vegetables and fruits which are loaded with vitamin A like papaya, carrots and pumpkin. 


This Ayurvedic mix has about 45 herbal extracts which are great for your overall health. It should be consumed during winter season. 

Fruit, Vegetable Juices And Soups

Fresh juice prepared using seasonal fruits and veggies like carrots, oranges, mausambi, spinach should be consumed to fuel body with valuable nutrients. 

winter season soups

Also, instead of drinking caffeine rich drinks like tea or coffee, one must try herbal teas and soups. Soups prepared using healthy vegetables like potatoes, carrotes, turnip, peas can benefit your health. Palak or spinach soup is also very healthy for consumption in winters. Fresh mushrooms are also available during winter seasona and they too make good soups. While making mushroom soup, you can add little milk for that creamy flavour.

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Yoga For Mental Health

yoga menta health

For a good mental health, the expert suggested switching to an ancient practice like yoga. It helps bring about harmony to the body and mind. Not just yoga keeps your body stress free but during thw winter season, doing some special asanas can help you keep warm too.  However, yoga should always be performed under the guidance of a yoga instructor. 

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Aerobic Exercises For Physical Health

As compared to the winter season, one has hardly any persipiration during the winter season. Winter season is a good time for exercising as it gives body a lot more energy. Taking up aerobic exercises like jogging, skipping, cycling can help keep a check on body weight. Consistency is the key. However, if you have age-related issues or any other health problems, consult your doctor before making any aerobic exercises a part of your routine.

Exercising everyday helps in improving blood circulation, elimination of wastes frm the body, increases energy and stamina. 

Lastly, the expert shared that a nutritious diet and regular exercise can help in a healthy body inside out. 

Shahnaz Husain is a well-known beauty and wellness expert. She is also the founder, chairperson and managing director of The Shahnaz Husain Group.

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