Water is absolutely essential to life. More than 70% of the human body is made up of water. The water content in the body remains constant and the excess is excreted. Since we lose water daily, we need to replenish the loss daily too. In a healthy person, the water requirement is easily met by drinking water. Water is very important for the skin and hair. In fact, the major constituent of blood is water. It is the fluidity of blood that helps in transporting nutrients, oxygen and even wastes in the body. Your hair roots are actually nourished by the nutrients present in the bloodstream. In order to maintain the health of your hair, proper circulation of blood to the scalp is important. Water stimulates the circulation of blood. It not only oxygenates the skin, but keeps it hydrated and also regulates the skin’s natural balance. Water also helps in the efficient elimination of wastes. It helps to flush the system, aids the functioning of the kidneys and prevents constipation. 

Connection Between Skin And Water

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Many skin problems are related to a clogged system. Congested skin, puffy eyes, acne, spots and even dandruff can result from the accumulation of toxins and wastes in the system. Drinking enough water helps to keep the system cleansed and flushed of toxins and wastes. It helps to keep the pores of the skin and scalp from getting clogged and leading to skin and hair problems. Since water also helps to hydrate the skin, drinking adequate water also helps dry skins. In fact, drinking less water can lead to poor muscle tone. Ayurveda recommends drinking warm water for real benefits.

Water can harness your internal health and external beauty equally. Not drinking enough water can result in problems like constipation. This also affects your skin and hair, because their health highly depends on the efficient elimination of wastes and toxins. Apart from drinking enough water, a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and salads also helps to meet the body’s requirement of water.

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Importance Of Water For Your Skin

As far as beauty care is concerned, water (moisture) is very essential for the skin. It is the skin’s basic need. Moisturising is an important part of daily skin-care. It is of more importance to people with dry skin. An emulsion of oil and water is better absorbed and held by the skin than either oil or water by itself. The atmosphere determines the amount of moisture needed by the skin, because the skin loses water to it. In humid conditions, there is less moisture loss. Moisturisers should be applied to damp skin, because this helps to seal in the water. The skin holds the moisture better. For beauty care, plain water helps in washing the skin and refreshing it. Contrast baths with alternating warm and cold water is said to help problems like puffy eyes or tired feet. 

Rose Water For Skin

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Flower waters, like rose water, can also be used on the face to tone and refresh it. A rose-based skin tonic, or cucumber water (made by diluting cucumber juice with water) can be used to spray the face, with a small pump spray bottle. It refreshes the skin, especially in summer. In fact, such waters can be kept cool in the fridge, before use. Sprays do not necessarily have to be part of daily routine, because the rose or cucumber water can also be applied with a cotton wool pad to tone and refresh the skin. Besides, the ingredients themselves benefit the skin. Rose water benefits most skin types and so does cucumber water. Honey water is ideal for dry skin as it helps in drawing moisture from the atmosphere to the skin.

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Soaking Hands And Feet In Water

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Soaking hands and feet in water can be very relaxing. It also helps to get rid of fatigue. Daily soaking of hands and feet is not necessary. However, after a long day, tired feet can be soaked in hot water, in which salt has been added. This softens the skin and helps to clean the feet, apart from eliminating fatigue and inducing relaxation. Soak the feet for 15 to 20 minutes in the water. Hot and cold contrast baths for the feet help to boost circulation and deal with problems like chilblains. Take two buckets, one for cold and the other for hot water. Soak your feet in the hot water and then the cold water, for two minutes each. Do this for about 15 minutes. Soaking your hands and feet in warm water helps to soften the skin and the nails and aids the process of manicure and pedicure. Soaking the feet also loosens the dead skin on the heels and helps their removal. This can be done once a week. There is no hard and fast rule about soaking the hands and feet. If you have the time, you can soak your feet everyday, after your day’s work, for about 10 minutes, in warm water.

Ideal Intake Of Water

The normal intake of water should be around 8 glasses daily. This would not only meet the body’s daily requirement of water, but also help to keep the system well flushed of toxins and wastes. We need to drink more water during hot and humid weather. Those who exercise also need to drink more water, to replace what the body loses through sweat. However, in certain diseases or health conditions, where they may be water retention, or some such problem, take your physician’s advice regarding the daily intake of water. 

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