Have you ever felt cramping in every part of your body, just one day after you have started working out? These cramps and sore muscles are painful enough to make us lie in bed all day. They are felt while sitting, standing, laughing, and even sneezing. Muscle soreness usually happens because you suddenly start using your muscles, which were till now not utilised fully. The leg muscles which help us run, or the arm muscles which help us do push-ups, or the stomach muscles which help us do crunches are all jolted into swift action. Regular use of these muscles keeps them involved and you won’t experience soreness after 4-5 days into the workout.  In order to treat the initial soreness of these muscles, here is what you can do to soothe the pain.

Light Stretches  

stretching for sore muscles

You can do light stretches for the areas which are sore. If your stomach muscles are sore, you can sit and bend forward and backward. In case your arms are sore, you can stretch them in the air or do shoulder rotations. These exercises will help in preparing your muscles and will give you some relief from the pain. Warm-up stretches are also recommended before a workout as it helps in warming up your muscles for strenuous workout.  

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Hot Water Bag

hot water bag sore muscles

You can also use a hot water bottle on your sore muscles. All you need is a rubber hot water bag. Pour hot water into the bag and you can keep it anywhere, on your stomach, your legs, or even your arms. Hot water treatment usually calms your sore muscles and relieves the strain from them. You can use a hot belt, if available. Make sure you don’t use extremely hot water, as it can cause burns and also damage your sore muscles. 


Massaging can also help in calming your strained muscles. You can warm up some oil and use it to massage the sore muscles. Post the massage, dab them with a clean cloth, and later put on a hot water bag. The combination of massaging and hot water treatment will quickly help in giving you some relief from the pain. Avoid using pain-relieving creams for this purpose.  

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rest sore muscles

Resting is very essential when you are suffering from sore muscles. Give yourself a good night’s sleep, so that your muscles are ready to exercise the next day. Exercising for 5-6 days and resting for one day is an ideal schedule you must inculcate in your fitness regime. This will give your muscles an ideal time to repair and heal on their own.  

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Continued Exercising  

One mistake that most people often do after getting sore muscles is that they stop exercising for days together. Not moving your sore muscles might cure them but you will again feel the soreness after you restart exercising, as those muscles are not being used. You can tone down your exercise routine by cutting down your exercises and doing the lighter ones only.  


You can resort to medicines if the pain continues to intensify. Pain killers are usually not recommended for this purpose. If you feel that the pain is increasing and is affecting your daily activities badly, then you can opt for certain medications. Keep in mind that this should be your last resort and you should consume medicines post consulting your doctor.   

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