There is a new nail paint trend that has begun in India and that is the usage of breathable nail paints. The international market had it a few months before us but it has caught up with fashionistas in our country as well. Breathable nail paints look no different but the material used and how it is made makes it different. There is a bit of chemistry involved here which lets our nails breathe although it has been proven that nails grow with the oxygen and nutrients they need from the bloodstream, not the air. For a better understanding of what this nail paint variety is all about and what are the advantages of applying it, scroll down. 

What Is A Breathable Nail Paint?

Tal Pink, Vice President of Business Development at ORLY International told the lifestyle website byrdie, that "permeable polish allows oxygen and excess moisture to travel through the polish more easily, which helps the nail to maintain its natural integrity and therefore minimize chipping and peeling." 


Also referred to as breathable nail polish, Halal nail polish is permeable, allowing water and air molecules to pass through. 

No Toxic Chemicals

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Most nail paints that we have in the market have a toxic composition. They contain camphor, formaldehyde and toluene which eventually ruin your nails. Breathable nail paints on the other hand are toxin-free.  

Healthier & Hydrated Nails

Our nails are oily and that is how they get their hydration. This keeps them healthy just like our body functions with proper hydration. But when we apply regular nail paints, the lacquer traps the oils and this leads to weakened nail paints. If you apply breathable nail paints, they allow free movement of these oils hence hydration is not an issue for them. 

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Manicure Saver

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Our nails often chip when we put on regular paints as they dehydrate when the oils are unavailable for gripping. Some paints chip rather quickly and we do not reapply, our hands look bad and embarrassing as well. This is where breathable nail paints hop in. These nail paints are said to be stronger and are long-lasting. These nail paints can go a whole week without chipping. 

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Quick Drying

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Lacquers are impenetrable so the dry time is longer however, breathable nail paints have a way shorter dry time as they allow air to pass. So you have your patience, you can apply it even when you are getting late and be free of worry if it smudges. 

So get yourself a bottle of one of these paints in your favourite shade and see the difference yourself. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on the latest fashion and beauty trends.