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Style Your Shawls In Fashionable Ways This Season

Here are some really interesting and regal ways to style your boring shawls this winter season. Take a look at this.
Published -19 Nov 2020, 16:55 ISTUpdated -04 Jan 2022, 16:44 IST
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In winters, nothing is more important than your protection from the cold weather. And while protecting ourselves, we often leave our fashion statements far behind. Because obviously fashion can be kept at stake. Well, no. Fashion is not an ornament that you adorn yourself with, it is indeed a source of confidence and empowerment for many. 

Therefore, it is not the right thing to abandon your fashion sense and ward off the confidence it gives you. Winters do come with a lot of problems but all problems, surely have a solution to them. So, to equip you with the right fashion sense for this season we are here with some really cool ways and tips for you to style your warm shawls with a tint of elegance and glamour.

Around The Neck


  • Since the winters are here we are here with a fashionable tip to style your shawl, so begin with folding your shawl lengthwise into four folds.
  • Then take the folded shawl and wrap it around your neck loosely.
  • Now take the front ends from over the shoulders and bring them to the front to merge them together.
  • Make sure this looks like a shrug or a jacket with two flaps. Then repeat the same thing for the back.
  • This will give the shawl a poncho-like shape and will make it look more elegant.
  • Plus, it will prevent cold winds from penetrating both from the back and front. For the best results, use a Pashmina shawl for this hack.
  • At last, once you are done with the styling, add a small broach, and use all pins to secure the look.

Like A Classy V Neck


Another very classy and stylish way(Some classy ways to accessories your high necks) to don your regular shawls is this one.

  • So, for this, you start by folding the shawl into half(diagonally) forming a ‘V’ shape.
  • Then keep it on your waist and tie a  double knot to secure, picking the suspended ends, make sure to match the front ends and back ends, and then tie them in a knot together.
  • Pass your arms through the gap between the knotted ends and adjust the drapes of the shawl according to your preference and there you go.
  • You might not be able to get it right on the first attempt but you will be able to crack it soon enough and once you do that, nothing can stop you from looking super chic and elegant.

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The Belted Shawl


  • To do this style you need a pashmina or any thin but warm shawl.
  • Then fold the shawl twice and taking one of the corners, tie a knot.
  • This will keep the layers of the shawl in place. After that, take another corner from the same side and tie a knot in it too.
  • Once this is done, turn the shawl upside down and wear it around your neck from in-between the knots. Settle it down and adjust the drapes.
  • Use a waist belt to add a fun element and accentuate your waist.
  • Don this attire with denim jeans and pair the outfit with boots(How to style your thigh high boots right). 

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