The summer season has finally dawned upon us and the fashion trends are all set to change according to the season. Skirts have been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years and that is why we believe that skirts are going to be the next fashion trend of summer 2021. But buying skirts can be a lot too much for your pocket as they are too costly. So, we came up with an absolutely inexpensive and interesting way to help you win the fashion game, all you have to do is make your very own skirt and don’t worry we have got you covered, you won’t have to pick a needle to sew the skirt. Excited? Read on to find out more about how to go ahead with this project.

Select The Right Fabric

circle skirt

First, you begin with selecting the right fabric for your skirt. So, what we suggest you her I to go for a summer friendly and light fabric that is flowy and beautiful. You can go for both a printed fabric or a solid colour. Buy at least 2 meters of the fabric you can choose anything between cotton, semi cotton, satin rayon etc. 

Once you buy the fabric, make sure you buy the following things too.

Things You Need

  • A Good Fabric Glue
  • A Darker Shade Of The Fabric You Bought
  • Some Decorative Beads
  • Thread 
  • Lace
  • Scissors
  • Hook/Elastic
  • Chalk

Start Making The Skirt

circle skirt

To make a skirt, you will have to fold the fabric twice, once you have the fabric folded, take some pins to fix it in one place. Now take an inch of tape and measure your waist from the point where you want to wear your skirt. 

After measuring your waist, divide the number by four and mark it on the upper corner of the skirt.  For the bottom, measure the length of your knees and mark on both the edges of the cone that you have.  Then make your markings even darker and then you can start cutting.

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Cutting The Skirt

circle skirt

Now that you have the markings,  run the scissors carefully over them. Once you have cut the skirt, fold an inch inside and using the fabric glue, then let it dry.  After that, take your lace and stick it on the outer side of your skirt. Fold the upper waist region and stick an inch of the cloth inside, attach the hook on both the ends of the skirt.  Then fold the skirt inside out and stick the open end of the skirt with fabric glue. 

Decorate The Skirt 

Take the darker shade of the fabric and make bows with it. Attach the bows using the glue and decorate further with beads and other things and you will be done.  Wear the skirt and if it turns out to be perfect then you’re good to go but if there are any size issues then you can settle it and then style it with your favourite tops.

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