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How To Look Tall In Palazzo Suit Without Heels

If you are not a fan of heels, then here are some simple tips to give an illusion of length.
Published -17 May 2022, 17:11 ISTUpdated -22 May 2022, 09:41 IST
how to look in palazzo suits main

Palazzo suits have been quite popular in India for the past many years. This particular clothing item is found in almost every woman’s closet. There are several variations of a palazzo suit and all of them look equally beautiful. 

The best part is that the palazzo suit is perfect for all kinds of body types. Whether you have big busts, thick thighs, slim waist, tall height, or short height, you can never go wrong with a palazzo suit. However, short heightened girls often feel the need to wear heels to look tall. Although, not many are comfortable wearing heels but they give more priority to style. 

If you are one of those girls who want to look tall in a palazzo suit but don’t want to wear heels, then you have come to the right place. Here are some tips to look tall in a palazzo suit without heels. 

Monotone Outfits 

It is always better to go for monotonic outfits if you want to look tall in any outfit. A monotonic outfit will give an illusion of length. This is because there is a continuation without breaking the monotony. 

Opting for a single colour from head to toe not only adds length but also makes you look elegant. 

Solid Colours

monotonic outfit how to look in palazzo suits

Go for solid colours and avoid prints. Going for a solid colour from head to toe will again give an illusion of length. Prints should be avoided as they add bulkiness to your outfits, thus making you look short. 

If you go for solid colours, then you will not only look tall but you will also look slim which is a win-win situation for you. 

Along with this, it is advised to go for darker colours as they eliminate the element of bulk from your outfit, thus making you look slim and tall. 

Go Vertical

We have told you to avoid prints but if you don’t want to go solid, then you can opt for stripes. Remember to choose vertical stripes and avoid horizontal stripes. This is because, horizontal stripes add to the width making you look bulky, thus making you look short which we want to avoid.

On the other hand, vertical stripes add to the length, thus making us look tall. So, it is recommended to go for vertical stripes. 

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Small  Prints

While we are on the subject of prints, let us tell you what should you wear if you are not a big fan of solid colours. You should go for small prints instead of larger ones. Even if you are getting an embroidered palazzo suit, make sure that you get the suit with small motifs. 

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear a heavy outfit with prints and embroidery. You just have to make sure that you go for smaller motifs. 

This is because large prints make you look bulky which will make you look short. On the other hand, small prints will give an illusion of length. 

Length Of The Palazzo

without heels how to look in palazzo suits

The length of the palazzo is an important aspect. Your palazzo should reach the bottom of your footwear. It should not be too short and also, and it should not be dragging on the floor. Both of these things will make you look shabby as well as short. Make sure that you go for the right length of the palazzo to look tall. 

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Length Of The Kurti

The length of the kurti can also make a difference. You should opt for a short kurti as it will show more of your legs. More legs mean more height. So, a short kurti (stylish kurti tips) will also give you an illusion of length, thus making you look tall. 

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