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  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial, 17 Mar 2022, 11:35 IST

How To Choose The Right Gym Clothes To Stay Cool After Workout?

To stay cool during the summer months, choose the right workout clothes by considering the fabric, fit, and comfort.
  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial, 17 Mar 2022, 11:35 IST
gym clothes to stay cool main

Summer is around the corner and you might be working out for that amazing beach vacation, right? However, the idea of hitting the gym in the blistering heat can become a nightmare when you don’t take extra precautions. 

Now, you might be thinking of following all the summer workout rules - from staying hydrated to working out in the early morning or late evening. But do you know that having the perfect workout clothes can sometimes be just as important as having the right equipment? 

After a tiring workout in summers, you will probably be covered in sweat. And believe it or not, the attire that you don for your workout can make a lot of difference in how you feel after the exercise. Factors such as the fabric and fit of your clothes can play a huge role here.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you have to look shabby. In this article, we have listed some easy tips which you can consider while selecting your activewear. These will not only have an influence on your stamina and motivation but will also help you in staying cool after the workout.

Let’s get started!

Consider The Fabric

choosing the fabric for gym clothes

Picking out the right fabric is the first and foremost task you need to excel in order to stay cool after your workout.

You should always choose an outfit that is breathable and that won’t trap the body heat. You can opt for materials like Polyester or spandex as they can provide wicking and keep the sweat away from your body allowing your skin to breathe.

Also, while you may choose a 100 percent cotton fabric over these synthetic fabrics but let us tell you that though, cotton is a soft, comfortable fibre but during the high-intensity workouts, it can soak up all the sweat like a sponge making you super uncomfortable.

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Choose Anti-Microbial Workout Clothes

anti microbial clothes for gym

Image Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

Moisture-absorbance is one of the most important elements that you should consider while purchasing your workout clothes. 

Now, especially in the summers, if your gym clothes start to stink the minute you put them, even after washing, then, it is time to invest in some anti-microbial gym clothes.

These kinds of clothes are much less likely to develop unpleasant odour and offer protection against bacteria, mold, and other hazardous microbes.

Choose Your Clothes As Per The Specific Activity

pilates gym clothes

While you can wear the same workout clothes for every exercise you do but is this the best choice when you want to stay cool? We don’t think so!

If you are doing Pilates or Zumba, you should avoid loose and baggy clothing as it will be uncomfortable and will make you sweat a lot. Instead, you should opt for clothes that will move with you during different poses.

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Wear The Appropriate Footwear

cross training shoes gym footwear

Let’s not forget that your footwear plays an important role in the process to feel cool and comfortable during your workout.

Most people choose running shoes for their gym workout but they certainly won’t work and can be dangerous. Why? Because these shoes can distort and compress while you do your heavy-weight training, robbing you of valuable energy followed by excessive sweating. Rather, you should invest in a pair of cross-training shoes.

Now, while purchasing your gym footwear especially for staying cool, you must make sure that the shoes are snug fit but not tight as due to heat, your feet can swell and lengthen a bit after doing a set or two. 

Further, wear breathable cotton socks that are neither too tight, nor too loose.

Are you going to follow these simple tips? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!


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