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Best Bridal Hairstyles To Compliment Your Maang Tikka Or Matha Patti

Looking for some amazing bridal hairstyles for your wedding day? Read on to check out some great options. 
Published - 12 Jan 2021, 15:05 ISTUpdated - 21 Jan 2021, 13:36 IST
Bridal Hairstyles To Compliment Your Maang Tikka Or Matha Patti

There is so much a bride has to decide for her big day, the wedding attire, makeup, ornaments, and her bridal hairstyle. We know, deciding something perfect can get tricky. That’s why we’re here to help! Check out these amazing options that will go perfectly with both maang tikka and matha patti. 

1Romantic Side Twists

Side Twists

Girls with a round face can add more definition to their look with this soft, romantic headdress. The fishtail side twists will make a perfect room to let your maang tikka sit beautifully on your forehead.

2Curly Side Bun

Curly Bun

If you feel like attaining a more matured look on your wedding day, then you can go for the beautiful side bun look. It has messy curls, clubbed with side low bun to give you a sleek, sophisticated appearance. 

3A Bubble Bun

A Bubble Buns

Girls with a small face should go with a hairdo that will bring balance to her entire look. A bubble bun will make your face look slightly bigger, that will bring proportion in comparison to your maang tikka or matha patti.

4Bubble Bun With A Side Parting

Bubble Bun With A Side Partings

If your face is round and small, you can add more shape and definition to it with the help of this hairstyle. Also, it will allow the borla of your maang tikka to stand out.

5A Classic Half Pony

A Classic Half Ponys

With so much going on around your head portion, keeping it simple sometimes feel like the best option. A neat half ponytail can never go wrong. The hairdo will go with both matha patti and maang tikka.

6A Voluminous Braid

A Voluminous Braids

Don’t want to do the same boring buns and ponies? Go for a stunning voluminous braid instead. You can adorn it with flowers and jewels, besides flaunting your chain matha patti.

7A Traditional Braid

A Traditional Braid s

Nothing can beat the charm of the traditional vibes when it comes to wedding and festivities. We are totally in love with this elegant Rajasthani look that has been completed with a matha patti. If you also want to show off your borla, let it shine with a simple hairstyle like this.

8Mesmerising Long Open Hair

Mesmerising Long Open Hairsss

Only people with long hair can understand how much effort and time it takes to maintain their mane. So, when it is your wedding day, you need to flaunt it! Just a simple side braid and let all the stands breathe.

9Bun With Swirls

Bun With Swirlsss

There is nothing like going overboard when it is your wedding day. Go crazy with swirls and curls to club your jewels with this beautiful side bun hairstyle.

10Semi-Open Natural Side Braids

Semi Open Natural Side Braidsss

No matter what size your hair is or what shape your face is, this side braid hairstyle is versatile that will suit one and all. Pair it with matha patti you will be rocking the bridal look on your wedding day!