The heart of Rajasthan lies in its rich culture and heritage. The vibrant lifestyle and beautiful art forms are just unmatchable. It is a paradise for travelers from all around the world and when it comes to exploring the beautiful state, every traveler falls in love with its different art works including the textile art.

Textile art of the phenomenal and two of the most innovative printing techniques are Bagru printing and Sanganer printing. While the two forms of block printing originate from the city of Jaipur, the state capital, the two art forms are found in different villages of Bagru and Sanganer near Jaipur. Both of these prints are unique in their own way. Read on to know more about them.

Sanganer print

sanganer block

Sanganer textile gained high popularity between 16th and 17th century when the East India company started exporting it in the large quantities to Europe. At the time, it was not a major print but in today’s time, Sanganer has more than 150 printing units employing over 20,000 workers. 

It is basically done on off – white or pure white cloth by using wooden blocks or screen printers to create beautiful prints. The prints are majorly in floral or geometric patterns that come in vibrant colours. Some common flower prints used in Sanganer block printing are roses, lotuses, sunflowers, lilies, marigolds, rosettes and lotus buds.

The most admirable element of this print is its intricate detailing. Customers appreciate the finesse in the detailing of this with the carefully done print on even the corners and borders by using either chemical or vegetable dyes which makes the end – result absolutely stunning.

There are two printing methods adopted in this fabric. Either calico printing technique is used which involved the printing of the outline followed by the filling in the colours or doo-rookhi technique is used in which the fabric is printed on either side.

Bagru Print

bagru block

Bagru print is a craft practiced by chippas community in a remote village named Bagru near Rajasthan. This traditional printing is done using natural colours without any chemicals. The print is basically done on blue or indigo fabrics. 

The region is basically famous for two kinds of prints i.e. Dabu prints or Seyali Bagru prints. The seyali print is known for its combination of black and yellow ochre/ cream colour. On the other hand, Dabu print is doe using a special resisting technique where the prints are hidden from dye. 

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The traditional Bagru print is done using geometrical patterns combined with births, animals and floral designs to create beautiful print making the end – result absolutely irresistible and unique.

Key Difference

The first difference is created by water. On one hand, water created darker prints on Sanganer fabrics, meanwhile, water brings out the reddish tone in Bagru prints. This difference is associated with scarcity of water in Bagru and excess availability of water in Sanganer. 

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Secondly, the key difference between the two is the Sanganer uses fine lines with sober colours and intricate detailing whereas Bagru print uses bold lines with bold motifs. Sanganer print only uses floral prints while Bagru prints combines geometric prints with animal or floral prints.

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The last difference between the two is background. On one hand, Sanganer print is done on off – white or pure white background whereas the Bagru print uses blue or indigo background as the base for block printing. 

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