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    4 Muffler-Styling Ideas To Up Your Fashion Game

    Mufflers are a winter must-have that can give your outfits a fashionable edge.
    Updated at - 2022-12-06,20:05 IST
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    Mufflers or neck scarf are chic and versatile winter accessory that is wrapped around the neck to protect from low temperatures and also from the cold. The mufflers can be wrapped in a variety of ways for a stylish and enhanced look. Here are four different ways to wear your mufflers for a cosy yet fashionable look.

    1. Wrap Around

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    This is a simple and cosy way of donning your muffler. Wrap your scarf around your neck after folding it in half to get this look. Next, hold the two loose ends of the scarf and slide them through the muffler's folded end.

    2. Square Blanket Scarf

    Square Blanket Scarf

    This is among the classiest ways to wear your muffler. It will appear like a blanket and provide warmth. 

    For this look, wrap the front of your muffler around your neck in the shape of a V, and then bring the other two ends to the front so they face the other way.

    3. The Twist

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    Drape your muffler like this on chilly days for a stylish look. For this look, wrap your muffler around the neck but the ends should be on the back instead of the front.

    4. Simply Hang It

    Just simply hang your muffler around your neck for a classy look. Like fashion influencer Riya Turakhia, you can wear it over a leather shacket. Team it with black stockings, a beret and a shoulder bag. 

    How do you like to drape your mufflers in winter? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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