The wedding season is here, which means its time to put your best fashion foot forward. From dressing up to meeting friends and family to even throwing a party, the wedding season is that time of the year when everyone steps out in their glamourous avatar. While you already must have selected your perfect outfit and shortlisted your makeup artist, but have you thought about your hairstyle? A right hairdo can make or break your look. So, if you don't want anything to go wrong at the last minute, here we've shortlisted 4 hairstyles that you can copy from Isha Ambani to ensure everything goes well with your outfit and jewellery.

Centre- Parted Straight Hair

isha ambani rendy hairstyles for wedding season three

Well, this is the easiest hairstyle that you can do to complement your outfit. It is easy and fuss-free and as an addition, it goes with any and every outfit possible. Also, it will make you stand out in the crowd without going through the whole process of pinning your hair. Simply, create a mid partition, straight them with a straightener, and hold your tresses in place with a strong hold shine spray. 

Loose Curls

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Well, one of the easiest ways to make an outfit look modern is to opt for a simple and effortless hairdo. Loose curls are the new ‘in thing’ and you can literally style it with every outfit out there. Also, this fuss-free won't take your much time! 

To recreate Isha's trendy hairstyle, make sure the hair is completely smooth and tangle-free. Create a side partition before you curl them with a curling iron, spritz some hair spray and you're all set to head out!

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Hair Bun

isha ambani rendy hairstyles for wedding season four

This hairdo is best when you want everyone's attention on your accessories and outfit, or if you just want to enjoy the wedding without worrying about your hairdo. This hairdo looks best with sarees and will give you a chance to flaunt your blouse design, or may be your sexy back!

To recreate Isha's chic hairstyle, create a middle parting after lightly backcombing your mane. Tie it all up in a bun at the nape of your neck, and adorn it with gajra to complete the look.


isha ambani rendy hairstyles for wedding season two

Well, if you have a simple outfit and want to jazz up your look with a chic hairstyle, this is just for you. Also, this hairdo will not take you more than 15 minutes and is perfect for those last-minute hairstyles. To recreate this look, make sure the hair is completely smooth and tangle-free. Pull back half of your hair and secure them at the base of your neck, and curl them with a curling iron to elevate your look. 

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