Summers are here and after a long tiring day, all you need is a refreshing beverage. A cup of lemon tea is just perfect! The cool and fresh flavour of lemon juice can instantly boost your mood and make you feel a lot more relaxed. 

Well, that's not all! Lemon tea has numerous health benefits too. If you have been looking for healthy alternatives for your regular cup of masala chai, lemon tea can be a good pick. 

If you don't know how to make this tea at home then read on for a quick recipe

How To Make Lemon Tea At Home?

lemon tea at home

Ingredients Required

  • Lemon Juice
  • Water
  • Honey (Optional)
  • Tea Leaves


In a saucepan, add water and bring to boil. Add tea leaves to the pan and let them steep. Strain the tea in cup and add lemon juice. You can add 1 tsp of honey for sweetness if you like.

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Tea

Detoxifies Liver

Dietician, Jaya Johri, LNJP Hospital said, "It detoxifies the body as its a rich source of vitamin C." Drinking a cup of lemon tea can help you get rid of all the waste and toxins accumulated in the body. It helps in purifying the liver too. (Foods that are good for liver)

Improves Digestion

The expert also shared that it aids in digestion. Lemon tea has dietary fiber which slows down the processing of sugar, further enhancing digestive health. Having a cup of lemon tea after a heavy meal can help you in improving digestion. 

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Good For The Heart

lemon tea benefits for health digestion

Lemon tea has flavonoids present in it which are believed to lower down cholesterol levels. Drinking a cup of warm lemon tea everyday can help in preventing heart-related diseases. 

Quick Remedy For Migraine

Lemon tea is packed with antioxidants which instantly help relieve headaches. (Yoga asanas for migraine) It is a great remedy for anyone who suffers from persistent migraines. The polyphenol compounds present in lemon tea help fight the free radicals, they lower inflammation in the head, uplift mood. 

Regulates Blood Sugar

Lemon juice and tea together help in improving the insulin synthesis by the pancreas and control the sudden spikes in the blood sugar levels of the body. 

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Reduces Anxiety

lemon tea health benefits home digestion migraine

Lemon tea is packed with tannins, flavonoids that help in boosting brain health. This refreshing drink further helps in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.  brain health. 

Treats Inflamed Gums

Lemons have vitamin C and citric acid present in them which helps in relieving pain from swollen gums. 

Improves Skin Health

Lemon tea has astringent properties present in it which help in removing the dead skin cells and refresh your face from within. Lemon tea has anti-inflammatory properties which treat common skin issues like pimples, acne, eczema among others. 

This simple and refreshing beverage is great for your health. From improving your digestion to helping you feel a lot lighter, lemon tea can really do wonders. You should add it to your diet for its amazing health benefits. However, if you have any health-related issues or undergoing medical treatment, do consult your doctor before making it a part of your diet. For more such health-related stories, stay tuned.