Bitter foods are generally full of vitamins, minerals, and high amounts of dietary fiber that help in stimulating better gut health, along with improving the body’s response to diseases and conditions. And that is why you must consider adding more bitter foods to your diet. You might have heard your grandmother tell you how bitter gourd is exceptionally nutritious and healthful.

She was indeed absolutely right and not only bitter gourd, but foods like kale, arugula, mints, Brussel sprouts, dandelion leaves, etc. Are some other bitter foods that you can munch on. But before that let us take a look at the health benefits of bitter foods.

Bitter Foods Help The Digestive System

bitter foods

As we said bitter foods are very fibrous and this is the main reason why they promote gut health so much. Not only do they ease the process of digestion, but this is also the main reason behind the increase in the production of stomach acids which in turn helps in breaking down the food for further absorption and other processes. It is also great as it enhances the production of digestive enzymes which aid the process of absorption of the nutrients.

The consumption of such food is also vital as they keep problems like gas, bloating, and acidity at bay. The fiber present in the bitter foods is also great for controlling your cravings, it keeps you full for a longer period of time and assists in the loss of weight by avoiding extra calories.

Improve Your Immunity

Apart from giving you and your gut, the gift of smooth functioning, the bitter foods also offer a substantial boost in your immunity. The numerous vitamins and minerals that act in order to make the system strong and provide protection with the help of the antioxidants present in our body. The antioxidants fight the many free radicals present in our body that cause disruption and attack immunity. 

Control Blood Sugar Levels Effectively

bitter foods

Bitter foods are also well known for the exceptional ability to control the blood sugar levels in the body. They promote the production of insulin in the pancreas and thus prevent the glucose levels from rising.  The taste receptors also respond to the bitter flavour by producing certain hormones that eventually also affect the sugar levels in the body.

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Healthy For Skin And Hair

bitter foods

What you eat is what reflects on your skin. Nothing can match the light that shines from within and bitter food can help you achieve that shine. The abundance of vitamins and minerals in bitter foods is one major reason why you should be consuming these healthy items. The vitamins and minerals help in inducing a very beautiful and unfading glow on your skin naturally. So, munch on some bitter foods right away.

Not only that, but the regular intake of such healthy food may also result in a better scalp and growth of your hair. The vitamins and minerals and other micronutrients, help in keeping the scalp healthy and the hair smooth and manageable! So, why wait? Start to add these bitter foods which might not satisfy your taste buds but may very well be able to keep your health in optimal condition.

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