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Top 10 Places Every Traveller Must Visit During February And March

Looking for the perfect travel spot? We are here with some of the best destinations that will be a perfect paradise for travelling during February and...
Published - 31 Jan 2021, 14:30 ISTUpdated - 31 Jan 2021, 14:19 IST
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If you are looking for a peaceful and pristine place to visit during the month of February and March then do not surf the internet all day and strain your eyes. Just go through this article and you will be able to make your decision right away as here we have listed some of the most beautiful places that will be just perfect for you to check out in these months. So, read on to find out more.

1Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

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Kodaikanal is one of the most picturesque places that are cloud clad and laces with lush greenery. Not only is it the most amazing honeymoon destination, it is also a great place to visit during the 2nd and 3rd months of the year.

2Havelock Island

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Located in the Andaman and Nicobar Island, this island offers a very tranquilizing experience as the blue water and crystal white sands surround you. On top of that, catching the sunrise and sunset here is a perfect bliss.


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We all know how beautiful and enchanting Coorg is. You can never get enough of this place from the luxurious stays to the south Indian culture on the plate, everything is stitched to perfection for the tourist here. The city is engulfed by many naturally occurring waterfalls and decorated with lush greeny to add to your experience of unwinding yourself.


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With winters turning this place into a piece of heaven. Gulmarg is another extremely resplendent scenic destination that will captivate your soul. You can also indulge in snow activities like skiing, skating etc.


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Bir-billing is a quaint town known for being the highest point for paragliding. Apart from that, the beautiful place is full of large monasteries offering a beautiful reflection of the Tibetan culture. You will also love this place for offering great food at the various outmoded cafes and restaurants located here.


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Puri is located in the eastern part of India and is a municipality in the state of Orissa. February and March also happen to be the best times to visit this religious city surrounded by temples and home to the original Char Dham pilgrimage temple.

7Ajanta & Ellora Caves

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Situated in the Aurangabad district of the state of Maharashtra Ajanta and Ellora caves are also the best places to check out in February and March. The caves contain murals and sculptures of Hindu, Buddhists, and Jain deities and are very beautifully preserved. Further, you can also visit neighboring cities such as Nasik, etc.

8Kaziranga National Park

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The Kaziranga National park which was started in 1908 is another breathtaking destination to check out between the month of February and March. This is the perfect time to spot animals in the park as it is neither too hot nor too cold.


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Yercaud, Tamil Nadu is a hill station filled with supreme enchantment of natural beauty. The beautiful place is one of the seven sister jungles located across the area. It is known for the orange groves, coffee, and fruit plantations.

10Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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Also known as the 'blue city' Jodhpur makes one of the most amazing destinations to travel to in the opening months of the here. The weather is optimal at this time and you can check out a lot of forts, food joints, and other traditional Rajasthani stuff on a low budget around here.