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Teej 2022: These 9 Trendy Hand Mehendi Designs Will Turn Heads

These trendy mehendi designs are perfect for festivals. Take a look:
Published -05 Jul 2022, 19:14 ISTUpdated -06 Jul 2022, 09:26 IST
mehendi designs for festival teej

Are you looking for some trendy hand mehendi designs for teej? Here are some stunning options you can choose from this festival to draw attention and garner compliments.

1. Simple And Elegant

This back hand mehendi design is simple to create and looks really good. This design looks lovely not only with traditional clothing but also with western attire.

simple elegant mehendi

2. Floral Design

This minimalist floral pattern on the back of hand is perfect if you like to keep things simple. 

floral mehendi

3. 2 Halfs Making A Heart

If you like mehendi with intricate detailing, this is one of the best options. The 2 hands combining to make a heart, makes the design unique and special.

half heart mehendi

4. The Bracelet Design

The trendy bracelet design at the back of the hand looks very stylish. This design also includes other detailing, which enhances the look. 

bracelet mehendi

6. Florals 

This back mehendi design, with a flower motif pattern running from the wrist to the middle finger, looks very creative. Asymmetrical patterns on other fingers go well with the design.


arabic mehendi

6. Indo- Arabic

Another trendy mehendi design is the Indo-Arabic Fusion. This pattern combines Arabic cashew motifs, exquisite shading, geometric patterns and Indian floral birds.

indo arabic mehendi

7. Go Minimal

This minimalist mehendi design looks very gorgeous. It has several patterns in layers.

minimal mehendi

8. Subtlety Is The Key

This back hand henna design is very simple and elegant looking. It has one big design and several intricate details that complement the style.

subte mehendi

9. Go Boho

This boho mehendi style is very popular. It  has flower patterns and several other patterns on different fingers, giving it a modern look.

boho mehendi

Which mehendi design garnered your attention? Share your thoughts with us by commenting on our Facebook page.

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