A new haircut can make you feel fresh and rejuvenated, but the right haircut can bring out a whole new improved version of you. Lately, we have seen a lot of girls trying to become their own stylist on social media. While some were seen cutting disastrous bangs, others were somehow not satisfied with the results. No matter if you’re cutting your mane all by yourself, or you are going to a professional to get a new look, the first step is to do thorough research. 

We are not just talking about having a glance at a catalogue and decide anything that is featured, but to opt the right kind of haircut that will actually make you look glamorous by flattering your face shape. In order to do so, you must identify things that go with your face cut. It is just like opting for correct skincare products for different skin types. So without further delay, let’s check out ideal haircuts for rectangle, triangle, oval, and all those other types of faces. 

 Rectangle Faces

Rectangle Faces

Girls with rectangular faces have sharp jawlines and features. Therefore, they should work towards achieving a softer look, without actually making it look more elongated. Bangs and fringes are a big yes for this face cut. Also, you can go with layered cuts, waves, or curls. Once you have bangs or layers, you can try making soft and romantic chignons to enhance cheekbones while disguising the corners of the face. 

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Oval Faces

Oval Face

An oval face is considered the ideal face cut, as most of the hairstyles suit people with this face. To enhance the beauty of the well-balanced features, one can go with blunt bobs with subtle layers. If you have long hair, and want to keep it that way, then opt for long waves or curls (how to make heatless curls). Straight hair might make your face look way too slim. Don’t shy away from using your natural mane to help guide you in your hairstyle choice.

Square Faces

A square face cut means having broad forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Women with these features always want to cut down a few inches with the help of a correct hairstyle. It is not always necessary to put all your locks right in the front. Instead, try side-parted styles, long and bouncy layers. And if you’re feeling wild enough, then go for a short layered bob, with side-swept bangs. This will bring all the attention to your cheekbones and not just the jawline.

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Heart Faces


An ideal hair cut for heart faces will the one that will bring balance to their broad forehead and cheekbones, along with narrowing down their jawline and chin. Keep your hair straight up until the ears, and then have waves or curls. Be it short or long hair, try side-swept cuts. And, if you have very short hair go for side-parted pixies. 

Diamond Faces

The diamond cut features a narrow broad forehead and sharp jawline with cheekbones. Most women want to soften their edgier parts and this is also the right thing to do because it helps to bring balance in comparison to the forehead. Go for mid or long layered cuts. The best thing you can do is to sport tousled waves. You can also try deep side parts, and chin-length bobs. Such look bring out the cheekbones and at the same time, also widens the appearance of your forehead.

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Round Faces

Round Faces

People with round face have all the features of almost the same length and width. Unlike most faces, they generally want to add more features to their facial structure. In order to achieve the same, one should opt for long layered cuts, and if you have a short mane, go for choppy pixie cuts, and short side bangs (but not too short). It ideally should be right above the eyebrows. 

Triangle Faces 

If you have a squeezed up forehead, along with wide jawline and chin, then you have a triangular face cut. To bring balance to the bottom-heavy appearance of the face, get layers that end up at the eyes or cheekbones. Or, you can have layers until the collarbone, along with short side bangs. 

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