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    These Body Washes Are Perfect For Your Skin Type

    Not every body wash is suitable for all skin types. Read on to find out the type of body wash that would be the perfect choice for you.
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    Published -28 Mar 2019, 19:37 ISTUpdated -28 Mar 2019, 20:13 IST
    best bodywash for your skin

    Wintertime may be the season when you bathe just for relaxation and for the sake of it but summer season means you cannot go through the day without bathing at least twice to make sense of anything in your life. Summer days are hot, exhausting and your skin has to bear the brunt of it every day. While there are many body washes available in the market with invigorating fragrances and different formulations, not every body wash is suitable for all skin types. Read on to find out the type of body wash that would be the perfect choice to cleanse your skin and give it a refreshing glow.

    Body Wash For Oily Skin

    Nivea Frangipani and Oil Shower Gel

    Oily skin attracts dirt, pollution and everything bad like a magnet. Cleaning up oily skin is a special task where the body wash you use should be able to deep cleanse the pores and also take away the excess oil without drying out the skin. So a body wash which is gel based is best for skin that’s oily or even normal skin. Confused about which body shower gel to buy? Try out the Nivea Frangipani and Oil Shower Gel. A 250ml bottle of this gel is available in the market for Rs 195 but you can get it here for Rs 175 only.

    Body Wash For Dry Skin

    Dove Coconut Milk and Jas Petals Body Wash

    Dry skin gets sunburnt easily when the mercury soars high. You may use moisturiser after taking a bath but by then, you regular soap or any normal body wash would have strapped your skin of its moisture and elasticity. So it makes sense to choose a body wash that will keep the skin hydrated even as it cleanses your skin. So if you have dry skin, choose a body wash that has oil or milk in its formulation. For this, you can definitely try the Dove Coconut Milk and Jas Petals Body Wash. A 190ml bottle of this is available for Rs 140 in the market but you can buy it here for Rs 104.

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    Body Wash For Sensitive Skin

    Original Source Shower Gel

    Sensitive skin has a mind of its own so it needs super duper extra care. You need to choose something that has cooling agents to keep summer rashes and breakouts at a bay. A body wash for sensitive skin should have something like jojoba oil, mint leaf extracts, tea tree extracts or cucumber extracts to cleanse it without causing irritation. So you can go for something like the Original Source Shower Gel which has Mint & Tea Tree extracts. It is available for Rs 399 in market but you can buy it here for Rs 299.

    So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and pamper your skin with the right body wash to get squeaky clean and amazing glow to brave the summer sun. For more tips & tricks on buying the right facewash or best toner for your skin, keep reading Her Zindagi.

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