The summer season has its pros and cons. The pros include devouring ripe, delicious mangoes without a care in the world but the downside of the rising mercury means that your beauty goes for a toss. But did you know that Mango, the king of fruits, is full of so many nutrients that can make you look beautiful too? So eat this fruit without feeling guilty or apply it as a beauty mask to emerge radiant as ever even when the sun plays havoc with your skin. Read on to find out how mango has so many skincare benefits right from making you look younger to giving you a clear complexion.

Mango Keeps You Looking Young

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Mango contains vitamin A which is known to reduce fine lines on the skin. The vitamin B1 content of mango helps in protecting your skin against free radicals which cause premature ageing. So say bye bye to wrinkles and dark spots that occur as you age. Mango also contains vitamin B2 which promotes healthy cell turnover, meaning that your skin stays revitalised and spots clear up easily. Along with this, mango also contains copper that is known to lighten the skin complexion and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Mango Keeps Acne Away

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Have oily skin? Vitamin B6 content in mangoes can help regulate the sebum. The Vitamin B2 content of mango is very helpful for those who suffer from acne regularly because it regulates the mucus secreted by the skin. It helps by preventing drying of skin and acne breakouts. Mango is also high in magnesium that helps in reducing oil content preventing the formation of acne and rosacea. The beta-carotene in mango has an anti-bacterial action and protects skin against various toxins too.

Mango Hydrates Your Skin

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Whether you have mango juice, mango shake or apply mango pulp on your skin, this wonder fruit hydrates your skin to a great degree. The vitamin B3, vitamin E and potassium present in mango prevent the loss of water by keeping skin cells hydrated.

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Mango Reduces Inflammation

Mangoes contain vitamin B5 which reduces inflammation and helps in making skin soft and smooth. The vitamin C present in mangoes has the same effect as it cuts down the inflammation caused by acne. It also reduces damage caused by sun exposure and protects the cells against free radicals.

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Apart from these nutrients, the Mangiferin present in Mangoes has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties plus the vitamin K helps to reduce stretch marks too.

While mango has many nutritional benefits, it also produces heat in the body so it is advisable to cool it properly in chilled water before having it. Also, whether you are eating it or applying it, do not go overboard with the quantity. People who are prone to have heat-related illnesses should also take care about mango consumption in any way.

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