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3 Types Of Gajras You Can Easily Make At Home

Wish to wear a gajra but don’t have real jasmine flowers to make it? Try these easy DIY tips to make a gajra garland at home.
  • Shivanshi Tomer
  • Editorial
Published -10 Aug 2020, 14:00 ISTUpdated -10 Aug 2020, 14:53 IST
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Beautiful white jasmine flowers, interwoven together to form a gorgeous gajra. Just the thought of it is enough to make us imagine its beauty and delish fragrance. Gajra is not only a stunning hair accessory but also makes you look graceful. But what to do, if you don’t have jasmine flowers available? Fret no more, as we bring to you easy DIY ideas to make your own gajra flowers at home. If you are a fan of using flowers as hair accessories, this article is just for you. Here are some quick ways of making gajra at home, along with different hairstyles you can don, using the garland.  

Flower Bud Gajra

gajra hairstyles inside

Image Courtesy: ifloristdelhi.com

Materials required: Thermocol ball, translucent polythene or butter paper, needle, thread or string. 

  • Step 1- Start by cutting the polythene in small squares. 
  • Step 2- Now take a thermocol ball and wrap it with a polythene piece. 
  • Step 3- Bind it with a thread and your final result will look like a flower bud. 
  • Step 4- Use a green thread to bind the bud and keep binding till the bottom. 
  • Step 5- This will give your bud a green stem which should be around 1-2 cm in length. 
  • Step 6- Cut the remaining portion and your bud is ready. 
  • Step 7- Prepare more buds, depending on the amount of flowers you need in your gajra. 
  • Step 8- Now take a string and attach a needle to it.
  • Step 9- Keep adding the flower buds one after another to form a long string of gajra. 
  • Step 10- Tie both the end properly, so that the buds don’t fall out. 

You can use this garland in your hair in any way you want. The most common yet matchless way of wearing a gajra is by using it in your bun. When worn with a saree, a gajra bun is enough to keep all the eyes on you. 

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Open Flower Gajra

gajra hairstyles inside

Image Courtesy: shadisaga.com

You can also opt for open flowers if you wish to make some variation in your gajra. Prepare buds according to the above given method. Now take the buds and cut them from the middle. Make two cuts, such that the bud opens into four flower petals.

  • Step 1- Start by taking one end of the thread and tie a needle to it.
  • Step 2- Now take a flower and make the needle go through its stem. 
  • Step 3- Take another flower and place it in the opposite direction. If you placed the first flower towards the left, then place this one toward the right. 
  • Step 4- Alternate placement of flowers will accommodate more flowers without creating a clutter. 
  • Step 5- Take the first flower towards the end and tie a tight knot. 
  • Step 6- Keep adding flowers alternatively to the thread, depending on how long you want your gajra to be.
  • Step 7- Once done, tie a loop knot in the end to secure the flowers in place. 

Voila! Your homemade gajra is ready to be worn. It might seem easy initially but handling flowers can be a tough job. You need to be very careful, as handmade flowers are delicate and require careful handling. 

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Rose Flower Gajra

If you wish to add a splash of colour to your white garland, add some rose flowers to it. Either weave the rose flowers in your garland or add them separately to your hair. 

If you are making a bun, you can pin 4-5 rose flowers in the middle and surround them with gajra. You can also wear a gajra garland in open hair, by adding 2-3 flowers at equal distance to your gajra itself. 

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These easy gajra garlands can be quickly made at home and will stay for long. You can use them anytime your want, without worrying about them fading away like real flowers. 

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