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Do Your Own Pedicure Using The Right Tools

Do your own pedicure at home using these tools. As for the brands, we suggest you get explore as everybody has her own likes and dislikes and expectat...
Published - 03 Sep 2018, 07:00 ISTUpdated - 31 Aug 2018, 19:29 IST

Why spend so much money on pedicures outside when you can do it yourself at home? If you are thinking what tools you will need, we have that listed for you here. Some tools will last you a long time, while others are disposable supplies you will go through quickly.

Regardless of the supplies you use, quality is of utmost important. You can try different brands of certain items until you find what you think is perfect for you.

1Foot Files

Foot File

You will use these on a regular basis. Foot files keep your clients soft and smooth.

2Callous Removers

Callous Remover

Calloused feet need special care, and this tool will help you.

3Cuticle Nippers

Cuticle Nipper

Needed for a clean-looking, comfortable pedicure.

4Foot Scrubs

Foot Scrub

Foot scrubs help enhance the pedicure experience by exfoliating and revitalizing the skin on the feet and legs.

5Nail Files

Nail File

For shaping toenails prior to polishing.



To soften skin and use for foot and leg massage.

7Cuticle Nail Pusher

Cuticle Nail Pusher

Keep those pesky cuticles under control.

8Nail Buffer

Nail Buffer

Smooth out nails before polishing.

9Cotton Towels

Cotton Towel

You'll never have enough cotton towels for your daily pedicure needs. Be sure to use soft, organic cotton towels.