When it comes to washing your face, a newbie to the skincare world would be thinking that in the end it is all about washing off impurities from your face so how does the consistency matter?! This is where this article steps in, where you get a clearer picture as to which skin cleansers work and how are they different. The biggest trend is that of foaming cleansers which are still not as explored in the Indian market and then we have gel-based face washes or even creamy face washes. But how do they work? 

There are many options out there in the market when it comes to skincare that getting confused as to what must you invest in, is normal. So here is a break up:

Foaming Cleansers


Soap-suds or foam is what these cleanser apparatuses include. They are best for acne-prone or oily skin as they clean deeply and are soft on the skin. They suck out the excess oil from your face and cleanse your pores. They are generally advised in the bedtime skincare routine, However, most of them have a harmful ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate which can be harmful for your skin but in case it works well for you and does not break your skin then go for it. 

oily skin

If your skin does react to it then you must look for a cleanser that replaces SLS with amino acid which is also a rich sudsing agent but better and keep your skin balanced and moisturised after use.

If you have dry skin, the only way to know if it will work for you or not is by trying it once or twice. Some brand formulations are a dream even for the dry skin beauties and you will be amazed to know that some sensitive skin type people as well get lucky. 

You can get your hands on the right foaming cleanser here. 

Gel Cleanser


These are the common ones most know of which are very different from the foamy results. Gel cleansers are not as light and airy and have a thick gel consistency. They are mild but that does not mean that they are not good. They are best for normal to combination skin type, depending upon their ingredients and formulations. 

dry skin

In gel cleansers you also get the ones that have pH balancing properties, some can be bubble free which means no foam. These face washes have aloe vera extracts, centella asiatica and often witch hazel which helps in hydration and even brighten your skin.

These cleansers are best used in morning skincare routines with a toner and facial oil as the next two layers. 

Cream/Milk Cleansers

If the above two are not your preference then you have the option of using milky or creamy cleansers. These cleansers should be used by dry skin types and sensitive skin types. Milky cleansers have the goodness of natural oils and emulsifiers which help in cleansing the skin. They are great hydrates besides feeling luxurious. 

In the end dear readers, it is all about the ingredients list and what suits you. Neem is said to be excellent for treating acne but some skin types react to it. So you have to test what works for you no matter what the reviews say as all skin types are different.

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