Is your skin prone to sunburn? If yes, then get yourself ready to battle it out. Summers are around the corner and you have not given enough thought to chalk out a plan to cool down adverse effects of UV (ultraviolet) rays on our skin. Well, it’s time to get serious about the sunburn. Do you rely too much on the beauty creams to cure blistering skin? Stop doing it now. Evergreen beauty Raveena Tandon is sharing natural remedies to soothe your skin from the harmful sunburn. Isn’t that useful?

Generally, homemade remedies are the most reliable for women. These natural wonders do not have any side-effects at all. This 44-year-old actor took to her Instagram handle and captioned: “Learn easy, go-to remedies for sunburns, now that winter is ending and summers will soon begin.” Despite her growing age, she is least bothered about the coming years. Looks like, natural home remedies are the secret behind such a glowing skin type. 

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Planning for a vacation this summer season? Here’s what you need to keep in mind. “Baking soda is a part of every household and is often used in cooking. This homemade ingredient is beneficial in curing sunburn in summers. How to do it? Take 2 teaspoons of baking soda and mix water until it becomes a paste. Apply on the affected area. It will cool down and help in healing sunburn quickly. In nutshell, baking soda is the most easiest and effective remedy for sunburn.

With over 2.7MN followers on her Instagram handle, she is often seen sharing useful beauty tips for all the women out there. Apart from the baking soda, there are various homemade remedies to cure the negative effects of sunburn. Let’s get cracking: 

Aloe Vera

aloe vera raveena tandon beauty tips inside

Do you rely on aloe vera for various skin treatments? Here’s one more reason to add aloe vera in your beauty regime. Aloe vera is effective in soothing sunburn. You can extract aloe vera gel right from the plant and apply on your skin. It is also available in most of the pharmacies.

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Essential Oils

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There are plenty of options in essential oils. You can surely rely on these natural wonders to get rid of blistering skin or sunburn. These oils are antifungal, reduce inflammation and remove germs naturally. Lavender, sandalwood and eucalyptus are helpful in cooling sunburns.


raveena tandon beauty tips oats inside

Oatmeal can be useful in sunburn relief. Did you know? Not to forget, opt for traditional oats and cook as directed. Add a bit of water and apply on the skin. Make sure you do not rub on the skin. 

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Take chilled yogurt and apply on the affected area. The cooling effect of yogurt will soothe the burning sensation and cool down blistering skin.

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