Actress Gauahar Khan for sure has a cool work profile but it is also her rewinding age that never seizes to impress us! She doesn't do much and looks fresh all the time even though it's her 36th Birthday today. Check out her YouTube channel, her Instagram and other social media accounts if you don't believe us. If you too want to look younger like her then here are some easy, surprising beauty secrets that Gauahar shared with the media over the years.

remove makeup gauahar

1. Always remove your makeup before sleeping and use a medicated face wash to keep your skin clear along with a high SPF sunscreen. Gauahar uses Cetaphil as she mentioned in one of her interviews to a media house.

pimple toothpaste

2. Have a zit or a pimple? Toothpaste is your answer! Yes, a toothpaste not just cleanses our teeth but is amazing a product to get rid of those pimples. The "Begum Jaan" actress swears by this 'nuskha'.

3. Have swelled up eyes? Gauahar told media: " Usually if I cry, my under eye area swells up. I just use ice to bring down the swelling."

rose water

4. Hydration is the key and this point is something all celebs talk about and Gauahar is no exception. She drinks a lot of water and for her face rose water spritzes are the key. She recommends this 'sasta sundar tikau nuskha' to everyone! Buy UrbanBotanics Pure & Natural Rose Water/Skin Toner - 200ml - Steam Distilled - Gulab Jal - Organic - Chemical Free, for Rs 249, here.

5. Never comb wet hair as it breaks your tresses or makes them weak from the root.

6. It is important to zero in on a good shampoo and conditioner. Also, get your head massaged once every two weeks.

7. A mascara always does the trick and Gauahar agrees! Her makeup bag always has a mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow filler, a lipstick and a compact.

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less is more

8. Less is more. Gauahar told media: "My make up mantra will be little more on foundation, as that makes my skin feel very nice. Usually, I hate wearing makeup unless the need occurs. Obviously, I have to wear makeup on the job because that is my job. While partying or chilling out with friends a little mascara and lip gloss with compact powder is enough for me. Otherwise, when at home or during gym-sessions I am without any makeup." Buy Lakme Rose Face Powder, Soft Pink, 40g, for Rs 136, here.

9. Talking about her eye makeup, the "Fever" actress says that don't just use any eyeliner, use the one which suits your eyes. Some find a particular brand's eyeliner which works for others but feels heavy on their lids or causes irritation every time you use it. 

10. Contouring it out. She says that "I have learnt very well how to contour my face. I just take a darkish brush to apply on my cheek and cut my jawline." Buy L.A. Colors Highlight and Contour Palette - Light to Medium, for Rs 298, here.

So dear ladies, these tips and secrets of Gauahar are not just simple but very easy to adopt. The products she uses are easily available out there as well but always do a patch test before you spend your money.