We have all heard of the biological clock. The term refers to the fact that with growing age, women have fewer chances to get pregnant. Let's be honest, there have been days when we have actually thought about it.

We asked Dr. Chandana Lakkireddi, Senior Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility, Hyderabad if the biological clock is a real thing and she shared that though fertility begins to decline in the mid-30s, women can still get pregnant later in life, thanks to technology. She shared that pregnancy is a personal matter and due to advanced technologies, women having a career or academic goals can choose the phase later in life. 

But when are women more fertile and when other factors make it all easy for a woman? Read on to know. 

What Is The Most Fertile Age?

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When is the right time to do it? This is one of the most common questions every woman has. The expert shared, the sooner, the better. She shared that women are most fertile in their 20s. Their fertility increases after the first menstrual period and is at its peak in the early and mid-20s. At the beginning of the 30s too, fertility is good. She shared that women are considered the most fertile at the age of 30.

When Does Fertility Begin To Decline?

The expert shared that most women hear that it starts to decline at the age of 35 and it is quite true. She shared that female fertility starts to decline at the age of 32 and decreases after 37. After 40, the fertility levels start to decline more drastically. 

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When Is the Need To Check With A Fertility Expert?

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If you are a woman under the age of 35 and completely healthy then you should try conceiving naturally for a year before consulting a fertility specialist. (activities impacting fertility)

Women who are above 35 and healthy should try conceiving for a period of 6 months before heading to a fertility specialist. Women above 40 can go for evaluation sooner. 

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What Foods Make Pregnancy Easier?

To improve fertility, the expert shared that having certain foods and avoiding others can be helpful. They help in improving ovulatory function. She shared that good nutrition is important for a healthy reproductive system and furhter helps in becoming pregnant. She also shared that it is important to have healthy nutrition and switch to better lifestyle choices.

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She shared that eating a nourishing diet and making positive changes in the lifestyle can help in improving fertility and prepare the body to conceive a child. (what is secondary infertility)

Lastly, the expert shared that knowing your reproductive psychology is always good and it further helps in planning the family. She shared that it is always a better idea to plan the pregnancy at a younger age. However, if it is not possible, one can rely on medical technology and get their eggs freeze for further use. 

Do you wish to know anything more about age and fertility? Send in your questions to us and we will get them answered by our experts. For more such stories, stay tuned!