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    Is It Normal To Have A Dark Vagina?

    Is having a dark vagina normal? Let’s answer some of your questions!
    Published -20 Oct 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -19 Oct 2021, 16:19 IST
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    All of us girls face a lot of issues with our bodies as we transform into ladies through these ages. Having a dark vagina is one of them. Most of us are concerned but reluctant to ask someone about the transformations and bodily changes. 

    Dark skin in our intimate area is something most of us face. Keeping good hygiene and care for the vagina is usually at the bottom of our priority list. So what is it that we can do? Do most of us have dark vaginas?

    Skin whitening creams which are readily available in the market, usually leave your skin dry and dark. They can easily cause allergic reactions since the skin is very sensitive around the pelvic area. 

    Dark areas are often a contribution of smoking, hair removal creams, tight clothes, skin infections, and some other various reasons. Health issues like obesity and hereditary cells can also be a reason why you have a dark vagina. 

    Your Underwear 

    Due to tight underwear, the ventilation of the area is cut short. The vagina is thus not exposed to much air. With tight underwear, exercises like walking, jogging (Brisk Walk Versus Jogging: Which Is Better?), and running can play a big role. Air plays an important part in our day-to-day functioning and is a highly essential compound in our life. 

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    Hormonal Factors 

    While going through puberty changes, the body undergoes a lot of transformations and the hormonal balance takes a turn. The estrogen levels take a rise which also could lead to the darkening of your vagina. While in your 40s, when undergoing menopause, the process tends to take a U-turn with the estrogen level. 

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    Vaginal Infection 

    Being one of the most sensitive parts of the female body, it is bound to be caught up in infections easier than the rest. Certain infections and conditions of the vagina make tremendous changes in the appearance of the vagina and the vulva. Thus, the darkening of the pelvic area. 

    PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome)

    In today’s time, most of us women go through PCOS (Have Irregular Periods, PCOD, PCOS? These Ayurvedic Products May Help Out) and it has become a common thing to deal with.  Not to become extremely comfortable with the condition, but PCOS can also be a cause of the darkening of your vaginal area. PCOS indicates the imbalance of hormones in a female body which is an extreme health issue. 

    What To Do About It?

    Use Natural And Organic Ingredients

    Using products enriched with natural ingredients like turmeric is a good alternative. Exposing sensitive skin to metals and chemicals surely turns the skin dark.

    We recommend a patch test before you use it on the entire area. 

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    Maintain pH Balance

    Maintaining a pH balance is essential for the vagina. They help remove dead epithelial cells, dark and stubborn patches. 

    Choose The Right Vaginal Care Products

    Pick products that have the pH scale you need for your vagina and the one your doctor recommends. 

    We highly recommend you going to visit a doctor if you are facing issues. 

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