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What Is Period Tracking All About?

Confused about period tracking? Let’s dig in! 
Published -17 Oct 2021, 15:32 ISTUpdated -17 Oct 2021, 15:42 IST
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Period tracking can help you to get to know your own body and cycle and observe any symptoms — such as mood swings or headaches — that may occur during a particular phase of your cycle. Period tracking can help to identify any changes to your menstrual cycle that may be an indicator of potential health issues.

Keeping track of your period is important for a number of reasons, primarily health-related. Thanks to technology, it's now easier than ever to keep track of not just your menstrual cycle, but your moods, physical symptoms, and even food cravings at specific times of the month.

For many women, a missed period is the first indication of pregnancy. That fact alone is reason enough for sexually active women to keep track of their monthly cycles. Most forms of birth control don’t always have the 100% effectiveness mark, and an unplanned pregnancy is the last thing you need.

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Why Should You Track Your Period? 

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In addition to birth control, following the “rhythm method” — in which a woman avoids sex during her most fertile days to prevent pregnancy — relies on a systematic period tracking method.

On the other end, women trying to conceive (Vastu Tips To Help You Conceive A Baby) can use period tracking to learn when they are the most fertile. This may boost the chances of conception.

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The more intimately you know your own body and its cycles, the more easily you can recognize when something is abnormal. A change in the menstrual cycle is often the first obvious symptom for a number of women's health issues, some of which have no obvious connection to the reproductive organs.

When a regular menstrual cycle becomes irregular, it may indicate a hormone or thyroid issue, liver function problems, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, or a host of other health conditions. Women also commonly miss periods or experience menstrual changes when adopting a new exercise routine, gaining or losing a significant amount of weight, or simply going through a period of extreme stress.

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One late, early, or missed period isn't necessarily caused for alarm, but if the menstrual irregularity is coupled with other symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor.

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What To Track 

At the bare minimum, you should keep track of the first day of your period each month. This information is enough to help you notice most irregularities. However, you can get pretty sophisticated with your period tracking. Keeping these details helps you and your doctor monitor your health more closely, and it can also help you prepare yourself for other symptoms related to menstruation. (Want To Prepone Your Periods?)

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How to Track Menstrual Cycle with Period Tracker Apps

You don't necessarily need a fancy method for tracking your period and the accompanying symptoms. Writing it down on a calendar or monthly planner serves the purpose just fine.

If you want to get a little more high-tech with it, however, there are computer programs, online trackers, and smartphone apps that give you the ability to keep up with every detail you could want.

Go through a variety of period tracking apps on your cell phone and try finding one which suits your needs the most. Stay connected with us on our official Instagram page and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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