Our fingers can offer an important insight to our overall health. Having strong and healthy nails isn’t only a style statement but also indicates that you are healthy and strong. If you don’t have healthy nails, then there might be a bigger problem that you need to worry about. Here are some nail symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore.

Soft or weak Nails

This means that your nails break easily or bend before snapping. This can be due to overexposure to chemicals or moisture. In order to let your nails recover, keep them away from chemicals. Weak nails are also a sign of deficiency of vitamin B, calcium, iron or fatty acids.

Brittle Nails

brittle nail health

One of the most common nail problems is rough and splitting nails. This is mostly seen in women. Also called onychoschizia, brittle nails are the result of constant wetting and drying of your fingernails. Another cause for brittle nails can be hypothyroidism or iron deficiency. Therefore, you should consult your doctor once if your nails indicate so.


This is the result of any kind of external trauma caused to the nail. This can be either due to using the nail as a tool or pressing into the nail too firmly. Also, it can be due to soaking your hands for too long in sudsy water.

However, this can also be due to internal problems such as iron deficiency. If you want to confirm that the problem is internal or not, then have a look at your toenails (remedies for toenail fungus). If the toenails are also peeling, then you need to start adding iron to your diet.


yellow nail health

Yellow nails are quite common and these are usually caused either by an infection or a reaction from a product such as nail polish. This is not a good sign and you should immediately see a doctor.

Black Lines

Also known as splinter hemorrhage, black lines can look like splinters. These lines can appear multiple times and can be a cause of external trauma to your nails like accidentally slamming the door on your finger. This is basically due to the blood vessel inflammation under your nails and will go away with time.

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White Spots

white nail health

Scattered white spots on your nails are usually signifying zinc deficiency. Not only this but it can also be a result of other things including an allergic reaction, a fungal infection and an injury to your nail.

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No Half Moons

The little white curves at the base of your fingernails are the half-moons but not everyone has them. This is not always a reason to worry. However, it can be due to malnutrition, depression or anemia. Therefore, you shouldn’t let them go unnoticed. 

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