If you ever happen to search for random psychology facts, one fact that you are most likely to come across is that the first thing a person notices about you is your feet. While we can’t assure you the legitimacy of this fact, why take a risk? With this article, make sure your feet are worth looking at if at all someone glances in that direction. While you can get all kinds of treatments and tan removals are done for your feet whitening one thing that is stubborn and does not seem to go away that easily are toenail fungus!

Yes, we are talking about that gross color that your toenails adapt which can even result in uneven growth, and cuts in the nail. To save you from the embarrassment of dirty toes, we consulted an expert to give her opinions on the same. 

What Does The Expert Have To Say On Toe Nail Fungus?

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Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj is a dermatologist and an anti-aging expert in Delhi. She explained the cause of the fungus and ways it can be prevented and its cure. We are sure the points shared by Dr. Deepali are surely going to be useful so stay put and make sure you read it till the end. 

Nailpolish And Toe Nail Fungus

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We love applying nail polish to our toenails to make them prettier. However, there are times that we apply nail paints on our toenails and do not remove them for months to come. This is where we go wrong. According to Dr. Deepali, “If you are fond of nail polish, put it for month one and remove it for ten days” she emphasized not having the nailed painted with nail polish constantly and giving them a period of at least ten days to breathe after covering them with nail polish for a month. These ten days also suggest some tips on making sure the nails are getting care and nourishment(read about foot scrubs). She recommends rubbing a slice of lemon on your nails and letting it be overnight. Apart from that, she adds, “Put a drop of olive oil, or any cooking oil or any oil that is available in your house so as to keep them nourished.”

What Should Women With Diabetes Do

Dr. Deepali also explained how women with diabetes must always keep their nails trimmed at all times. The doctor also added that the nail fungus spreads faster if the person is diabetic. Something that we often overlook while getting a pedicure(read how to do a proper pedicure in monsoons) is how clean the instruments are. She explained to us how these dirty instruments can be a cause of the fungus. “Ensure that the instruments used at the salon are sanitized in front of you as it is very common to get nail fungus from beauty parlors.” The problem occurs here since the instruments used at parlors are not exclusive. They have been used on other customers before. Dr. Deepali tells us that if an instrument has merely been semi sterilized or not cleaned properly, the infection can be transmitted. 

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Avoid Dampness

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While talking about prevention, Dr. Deepali warned us against staying exposed to dampness and wetness for too long. “Always keep the foot as dry as possible” adds Dr. Deepali. However, doctors acknowledged that a lot of women have to work in damp environments and rams can’t be avoided. Some of us are more susceptible to nail fungus in rainy seasons than others, so if you are someone who is more prone to the fungus in the rainy season, don’t worry because Dr. Deepali has suggested a powder and cream that will definitely help you out! If you are prone to nail fungus in the rainy season, an anti-fungal powder containing Clotrimazole must be sprinkled between your toes and on your nails, or an anti-fungal ointment without any steroids can be applied.”

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Unknown Fact About Nail Fungus

The doctor also told us how nail fungus does not stay restricted to one nail. It is contagious. Not just from one nail to another, the fungus also has the potential to transmit from one person to another. “If your cook has nail fungus, he/she can transmit it through food and it can become a systemic fungus.”

Dr. Deepali concluded by saying that nail fungus is an infectious disease that should be well taken care of under specialised dermatological care. 

We hope we cleared all your doubts with respect to nail fungus. If you liked this content, stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more information!