Laughter therapy or laughter yoga is a kind of modern exercise which involves voluntarily stimulating the body to prolonged instances of laughter. Laughter can prove to be more than just an expression of happiness, as a small amount of laughter therapy session can give your overall health the boost that it needs.

So, laugh out loud and read this article to find what benefits laughter therapy offers to us

Laughter Therapy Can Possibly Reduce High Blood Pressure

pressure laughter therapy

The major reason for high blood pressure or hypertension in adults, is the extensive stress. Stress can also increase the chances of a stroke or serious heart related conditions.

But, to avoid all that, all you have to do is laugh. Laughter therapy can induce certain hormones in the body which give a cut-throat competition to the stress and ultimately defeats it, as laughter stimulates your body to improve. A regular session of laughter yoga, can help reduce blood pressure to a safer limit in people suffering from this condition.

It Keeps A Check On The Mental Health

stress laughter therapy

Mental health issues are as important as the other physical body problems, but they still remain unaddressed and unattended. Regular laughter therapy keeps a check on your mental health as well. Laughter can act as a natural anti-depressant and reduce anxiety to a very great extent.

This kind of therapy can be highly beneficial for individuals who are easily stressed out, are depressed or suffer from any kind of mental health issues. As a result of improved mood and emotion stability, laughter can also help treat insomnia.

Laughter Yoga Can Improve Respiratory Functions Too

lungs laughter therapy

It turns out, that a good long session of laughter therapy can improve your lung's health and capacity and thus, improve your respiratory functions, making them efficient.

As you laugh, the body experiences an increased heart rate and respiratory rate which results in more oxygen consumption. Further, it means that your blood will carry more oxygenated cells, which will keep your organs healthy and working for a longer period of time.

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Laughter Therapy Can Also Improve Immune Response

germs laughter therapy

Laughter therapy holds a strong property to boost immune response in people of all ages, which further lowers the risk of contracting infections and improves overall health.

It is believed that the reason behind the miraculous effects of laughter therapy is that, the body produces an antibody known as immunoglobulin, as a result of laughter therapy which is very beneficial for the body and is responsible for improving the immunity.

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Finally, Laughter Therapy Can Very Well Improve The Blood Circulation

blodd cells laughter therapy

Stimulating your body with laughter for about 45-60 seconds everyday can prove to be wondrous for your health. Studies and research data suggest, that laughing for at least 1 or 2 minutes can relieve your muscles for up to 45 minutes after the session.

A successful session of good belly laugh can stimulate blood circulation to the muscles and aid muscle relaxation, it also releases any kind of tension present in the muscles. And as a result, your body may feel more relaxed just like you do after a quick workout session.

So, now that you know the many benefits of this laughter therapy, you should go and join the elderly gang that wakes up early and performs laughter yoga in the society parks and enjoy the perks of laughing out loud.

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