While many of us may have heard that peppermint tea is extremely beneficial for an individual's health and it also exhibits amazing remedial effects, especially in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Although, this tea is generally safe to consume and the list of its health benefits is huge, still, there's a chance that it may also present some serious side effects in certain people. Peppermint tea can be damaging for some individuals and therefore it is advised for them not to consume it any further if they tend to show any side effects after consuming peppermint tea. Here are some dangerous side effects of peppermint tea to take a look at.

Damages Your Digestive System

peppermint tea side effects

Peppermint tea can cause serious damage to the digestive system if the consumer, by any chance, has a history with or has recently developed ulcers inside of their stomach. We just learned earlier that peppermint tea is generally composed of menthol and according to scientific findings, menthol can worsen the condition and cause more damage to the stomach. Moreover, excess peppermint tea can cause serious inflammation of the digestive organs and as a result, it may trigger or escalate a number of digestive disorders or some general health-related complications such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, liver failure, fatigue, muscular pain, and irregular beating of the heart. Poor digestion and constipation are also one of the many major side effects associated with peppermint tea and your digestive system. 

Can Potentially Cause Life-Threatening Allergic Reaction

In some individuals, peppermint tea consumption may cause an adverse allergic reaction, which can have some serious health complications and can be life-threatening sometimes. While its difficult to predict exactly who will develop these allergic symptoms against peppermint tea, every individual has different reactions to different substances. But in case you experience any of the following symptoms upon peppermint tea consumption(benefits of peppermint), seek medical care immediately. Shortness of breath, numbness in either of your limbs, tingling sensation, lips or face turns blue, and more. 

Extremely Harmful For Pregnant Ladies

peppermint tea side effects

It might not be a very good option for pregnant women to consume peppermint tea. As the name suggests, peppermint is one of the main ingredients that constitute peppermint tea. Peppermint contains peppermint oil, which might stimulate blood flow in the uterus and can potentially put the pregnancy at great risks such as miscarriage, malnutrition, and other pregnancy related(myths about pregnancy) complications. This harmful stimulation of blood coming in and out of the uterus is known as the emmenagogue effect. Therefore it is not advised for pregnant women to consume peppermint tea at all and rather look for another alternative that can be extremely beneficial for the baby's health such as raspberry leaf tea, ginger tea, and lemon balm tea.

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It May Cause Low Blood Sugar Levels

peppermint tea side effects

Peppermint tea makes a great alternative to sugary drinks but as we told you that this tea helps you only when you consume it in moderation.  If not then this tea can potentially be very hazardous as it may end up lowering your blood sugar levels to a harmful low. Low blood sugar is associated with symptoms like paleness, weakness, dizziness, sweating, and even collapsing and passing out.

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Peppermint May Cause Bacterial Infections

peppermint tea side effects

The Food and Drug Administration authority in India does not give any certification for herbal teas or supplements. This would mean that is a good chance your tea is contaminated, which may hence lead to reactions, allergies, and even serious health conditions.

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