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Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Shares How Apples Can Be Used To Treat Diarrhea And Constipation

Apple is one fruit which has a solution to two different digestive health issues. 
Published -23 Nov 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -23 Nov 2021, 13:22 IST
pooja makhija apple health benefits diarrhea constipation

No wonder why apples are believed to be one of the healthiest fruits. Apples are packed with nutrients and consuming them can benefit our health in many ways. Apples are loaded with vitamins and minerals which help boost immunity, metabolic level of the body, improve heart rate, regular blood sugar levels, promote healthy bones among other health benefits. 

Not just that, apples are a rich source of fibre which is great for our overall health. Do you know, apple is one fruit which can both cause and relieve constipation? Read on to know. 

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija keeps sharing nutriton hacks and easy, healthy recipes on her Instagram handle. This time, she shared how one apple can help treat two digestive issues - constipation and diarrhea. She captioned her post, "Nature has every solution. Eat right. Live right."

Insoluble And Soluble Fibre In Apples 

The nutritionist in her video on Instagram shared that apples are made up of insoluble (64%) and soluble (36%) fibre. 

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Apples For Diarrhea 

The expert shared that soluble forms a gel like consistency in the stools and therefore slows down the digestion which is the inside pulp of the fruit, the flesh of the fruit. So, therefore, if one has diarrhea, they should consume the pulp of the fruit without the skin. 

Apples For Constipation

apples for constipation

The insoluble fibre of the apple is present in the skin of the apple. It increases the bulk of the stools and therefore the quick passage through the intestines and further helps relieve constipation. 

Apples For Digestive Health

For years now, apples are believed to be one of the best fruits for our digestion. One reason behind it is the amount of fibre present in apples. Pectin is a soluble fibre found in apples which draws water from the digestive tract, forms a gel in the intestines and slows down the digestion. This further helps push the stool through the intestines. The pectin fibre not only helps in overall digestion but it also ensures a smooth bowel movement. Apples also have an acid called malic acid. This one is known to help in digestion. 

Apples can be consumed as is as a snack or addes to your salads, smoothies, desserts and other recipes. To enjoy the goodness of crunchy and healthy apples, you should add them to your daily diet. Here are some easy ways you can consume apple everyday.

Drink Apple Infused Water

Fruit infused water is one of the biggest trends of the season. These drinks are a healthy and tasty alternative to sodas and sugar packed energy drinks. In a bottle of water, add some water slices. Drink this apple infused water through the day to stay energetic.

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Add Apples To Your Breakfast Cereal

apple for breakfast

If you like having a bowl of cereal for breakfast every morning, just add some slices of apple to it. Mix it and enjoy. It will not only add great flavour to your cereal bowl but also add up the fibre content and keep you energetic all day.

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Snack On Apple Slices

You can have an apple as a snack anytime of the day but you can also turn it into a tasty snack. Cut round slices of the apple and place them on a tray. Spread some peanut butter on all the slices and top with chopped almonds, walnuts or berries. Enjoy! 

We hope this guide helps you treat your digestive issues. If you are undergoing a medical treatment for your digestion, make sure you consult your doctor before adding apple to your diet. 

For more such health related stories, stay tuned! 

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